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Thought for Day 30 of 2015: Stop Giving a Crap

Here we are at day 30 of the New Year. There so many things to keep in mind, mottos to live by and resolutions to keep.  All these things are great but it is a good time to also take stock of the things that we let get to us. These are things that are wasting our time and energy and causing us stress. So, in the words of Elsa from Frozen, “Let it go.”

There is so much you can stop giving a crap about in 2015.

Stop making plans with people who you really don’t want to see.  Stop giving in to haters and stop worrying about finding the one. Why not enjoy the person you are even if you are single.

Stop worrying about missing out and being embarrassed about wearing sweats in public.  Wear shoes that feel comfortable rather than hobbling in ones that aren’t in order to keep up with the latest fashions.

Stop giving a crap about those extra five or ten pounds.  Stop feeling guilty about getting to bed early or staying in bed late.

Stop putting yourself out there to well-meaning people who expect you to be a certain way.  Stop worrying about people who don’t give a crap about you and mostly, stop trying to make everyone else happy.

Instead of giving a crap in 2015, focus on making yourself happy.

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Thought for Day 29 of 2015: Write Down Your Life Plan

Writing down your life plan might seem like a silly thing but if you actually write your plans down, you will have a guide for all the things you’d like to do.  Your life plan is a detailed description of decisions, intentions, dreams and hopes for the future. It is a great way to initiate improvement in your life.  Education goals, career aspirations, marital life, having children and end of life decisions are things that you can address in your life plan.

The more detailed your life plan is, the more clarity you will get in prioritizing your life. Make sure you understand your needs – emotional, mental and spiritual. When considering your hopes and dreams, consider your strengths, talents, weaknesses and the things you can improve about yourself.

And don’t forget – you can adjust your life plan as your life progresses.  But thinking ahead can give you a plan of action to keep you grounded and on your way towards the future.

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Thought for Day 28 of 2015: Learn to Relax

It seems like relaxing that is something that we should all be able to do but we are all constantly stressed. We also live in a day and age where working too much is the norm and certain health issues don’t appear to have an easy fix.

Relaxation is something we can actually learn and practice. It is just as simple as being happy. And like being happy, learning to relax is important to your health and well-being.

Do yourself a favor in 2015 and learn all the ways you can to beat stress, relax and slow down.

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Thought for Day 27 of 2015: Be a Good Person

Since the beginning of time, philosophy has debated what good is and so many of us find being good more complicated than kindness. It is true that all of our journeys are different, but doing and being good has to do with discovering who you are and the role that you play in the world. And in order to truly be good, you have figure out what good means to you. It could mean doing good for others, or simply being a kind and honest person.

Good doesn’t have to be what your parents told you and it isn’t something you do for recognition or reward.  It should be what you believe makes you a good person on your own terms. Being a good person can mean giving people the benefit of doubt. Obviously, don’t compromise your safety or happiness in the process. But assume that everyone is good and act accordingly.

Continue improving your understanding of what being a good person is. Learn from your mistakes, from others and from history.  Observe situations and think before you act.  Seek out good people you can learn from so that your journey isn’t lonely and becomes a better experience. Be an inspiration to others and make yourself available to those who need a guide. Believe in the power your actions will have in influencing others. When people see you doing good things, they will be reminded to take positive action on their own.

Choose to find joy in goodness. If you spend too much time focusing on the bad, you miss the good things that are happening. Notice the small kindnesses that you find yourself and others doing and constantly remind yourself that there is good in this world.  Because when you surround yourself with good deeds and good people, you can see all the things you can be grateful for. So, be a good person and do good out there in the world. And most importantly, be the best version of you that you can possibly be because that version has more good inside than you ever thought possible.

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Thought for Day 26 of 2015: Practice Self-Compassion

Self-acceptance seems to be a hard thing but it is actually very simple.  Love yourself in the way you love others. Give compassion to yourself the way you do to the world.  Give willingly to yourself in the way that you would for loved ones.

You would never tell an upset friend to just suck it up. So, why give yourself a hard time? Instead, try to find ways to care and comfort yourself when things are tough. Focus on not criticizing or judging yourself for shortcomings.

Be self-compassionate to yourself by understanding you are not required to be perfect. And don’t confuse self-compassion with self-pity or self-indulgence. Being self-compassionate simply means you are willing to be kind to yourself, to acknowledge you are a human being, and to be mindfulness of the way life works.

In 2015, try to remember that having compassion for oneself is no different than having compassion for others.  Self-compassion will allow you to create a space within yourself that is free of judgment. Choose to see your hurt and your failures with kindness and caring. After all, you are only human.


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Thought for Day 25 of 2015: Make At Least One Big Life Change

We spent so much of our waking lives with routines and habits. We pay attention to what we are eating and how we participate at your jobs or personal lives. Our bodies and minds become so used to these routines and we quickly become used to these. We do things simply because we have always done them and as a result, we get stuck.

We are always told that we can break habits by making small changes – like giving up caffeine or sugar or spending less time at the local bowling alley.  And these little things help and they do make our lives a little easier. But there are other things that could drastically improve our lives improve our lives that we are afraid of.

Perhaps it is time to find a better job, or move or cut toxic people from our lives. Why not make a bigger change that could improve your life drastically? Especially if you have been unhappy in your job, or tired of city life or you are in a relationship that is only hurting you.

Change can be a destination.  It does not have to be a simple step by step process. Figure out what is making your life hard and stressful and ask yourself how changing that would be make life less hard and so much happier. And go for it. Get that better paying job. Move to a better neighborhood. Or enjoy being by yourself for a while but don’t let the New Year start and end with you doing the same thing that is bringing havoc to your life.

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Thought for Day 24 of 2015: Be Grateful

You might not enjoy your job but even though the job market isn’t good, you still have a job and there is one thing you can be grateful for. You can also be grateful for loyal friends and family who love you and see you through the hard times.

Why not start a gratitude journal? Every evening, write one thing you were thankful for during your busy day.  Focus on the positive so that more positive comes into your life.  This way you can see how lucky and blessed you are and you can be more optimistic in other areas of your life.

So often we take our blessings for granted. We fail to see what good and joyful things we have in our lives. Instead, we make the mistake of focusing on the things that seem difficult or unpleasant.  If you just take a few minutes to think about all the good in your life, you can really start living and enjoying your life.

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Thought for Day 22 of 2015:  Don’t compare yourself to others


One of the most destructive things you can do is to compare your life and yourself to other people and their lives. You compare jobs, homes, money, cars, popularity, relationships and so on. Doing so only brings down your self-esteem and creates a lot of negative feelings.

What you see isn’t necessarily reality. We see is what we want to see. We don’t see people’s hardships or struggles so we have no clue what we are comparing ourselves to.

In 2015, rather than comparing, focus on the positive things in yourself and appreciate the gifts you have to offer. Be okay with yourself and don’t rank yourself against others and create differences in your mind. You are okay just the way you are so stop comparing yourself to anyone else.

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Thought for Day 21 of 2015: You don’t have to be like everyone else

For 2015, decide to live your life. You don’t need to live life like everyone else does. Your life is too valuable and unique to be wasted trying to be like everyone.

Embrace the fact you are unique and that your life is your greatest asset. It holds so much potential for great things. Don’t let the person you are slip away because you are trying to be like everyone else.

Own up to who you are and who you have always been and don’t tell be afraid to tell your own story.

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Thought Day 20 of 2015: Learn to Say “No”

Saying “no” doesn’t mean you are rude, mean or selfish.  These ideas make it hard to say no. Letting go of these ideas can help us to say no when we really mean it.

We are all mature adults and capable of making our own choices and we all know the difference between right and wrong.  Therefore, “no” should not be a word we are afraid to use. Rather, it should be something we decide based on our own preferences.

You owe no one explanation for not wanting to help, or attend an event, or go out. The word “yes” can be costly and time-consuming. Only use it when you actually want to. Otherwise, don’t waste your time on situations that deserve the word “no.”

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Thought for Day 19 of 2015: Stop standing in your own way

To live a full life, the most important thing is to think positively.  But thinking happy thoughts isn’t always enough. Life is exhausting and doesn’t always go the way we plan. When things go wrong, we tend to blame external forces. But circumstances don’t just happen and our minds have a way of influencing our success.

The thoughts in your head alone play a significant role in what you accomplish or don’t. Make sure you are not your worst enemy by letting negative thoughts hold you back. Stop standing in your own way and learn that nothing happens until you take some action.