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Things Change, Life Changes Us

Life is a persistent (sometimes mean) teacher so I have learned this year.  We are getting close to the end of another year and it has been a difficult one.  My life has been shaken up this year, and over … Continue reading

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Five Things I Hope My Teen Son Understands

A co-worker of mine recently said goodbye to her 18 year old son for six months, as he went off to National Guard boot camp. While I know she is proud of him, I know it cannot be easy having … Continue reading

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I am Not Superwoman But I Got This!

Nope.  I am not.  I have no superpowers. No super speed or strength and I sure I can’t fly. I am not superhuman. I am not Superwoman but yet, I am determined to be her. I sometimes forget that I am … Continue reading

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Another New Year Is Upon Us

In a couple hours, it will be a New Year.  With that said, most have started to think about what we are leaving behind and setting resolutions for the upcoming year.  I definitely have pondered what I am leaving behind … Continue reading

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Letter to the Single Mom on Keeping It Together…You Don’t Have To

Dear Single Mom: Most of us didn’t choose to be single moms but it happened.  Either because someone walked away, broke vows, and/or physically harmed us.  No matter how we got here, we never dreamed of being single moms when … Continue reading

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What Are You Thankful For This Holiday Season?

This marks the sixth year without my brother around for Thanksgiving.  Six years ago, on Thanksgiving, he was in a hospital after being diagnosed with cancer.  Less than a month later, we lost him.  I obviously don’t want you to start out … Continue reading

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As Real As I Can Be

My 40th birthday is coming up here real soon, about a month and a half away. The older I get, the more I see my life is something to be celebrated.  I triumphed through some of the most difficult circumstances … Continue reading

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