I am Not Superwoman But I Got This!


Nope.  I am not.  I have no superpowers. No super speed or strength and I sure I can’t fly. I am not superhuman.

I am not Superwoman but yet, I am determined to be her.

I sometimes forget that I am only human and not capable of doing it all.  Maybe, once I did, but not anymore. I can’t spend a long day at work, come home to cook dinner, and then clean.  I can’t spend a Saturday shopping, cleaning, doing laundry and everything else in between.  Once upon a time, I could but I no longer can.

Why do I keep trying to convince myself I can? Why do I keep doing it? Why do I think I can?

Because I did. I used to.

And those feelings nag at and stay with me. I used to be able to carry 3 or 4 heavy cloth shopping bags and not even think about how heavy they were. Now, I am lucky I can carry one. But I used to carry 3 or 4! And if I could do it before, why can’t I anymore?

Because that was before chronic illness and pain dominated my life.

READ MORE AT http://themighty.com/2016/05/doing-it-all-while-having-chronic-disease-and-being-sick/.

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4 Responses to I am Not Superwoman But I Got This!

  1. phat50chick says:

    You speak for so many of us. Thank you. I could have written this. My thoughts always revolve around how much longer can I keep pushing? I’ve been pushing for almost 20 years. I keep expecting that one of these days superwoman will be gone and in her place will be a broken, decrepit woman.

    Just not today☺
    Thanks for your eloquent post

    • Lana says:

      I can recall my times where I told myself I didn’t have it in me to fight anymore but despite feeling that, I continue to keep going. We have to. We can’t let illness and pain win.

  2. Irma says:

    The thing is that you are in fact Superwoman. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to rise above the pain and accomplish all that you do.

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