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Thought for Day 31 of 2015: Continue to Be the Best Version of You  

We officially have arrived at the last day of January 2015.  We are already a month into 2015 and so many of us have already thrown our New Year’s resolutions out the window. But just because the things we planned to do on January 1 didn’t go smoothly, it doesn’t mean we give up. We should always continue to better ourselves whether it is the New Year or not.

One of things I decided was important for me was to make a major life decision in 2015. I was looking a job closer to home that I would be happy at. I am not saying that I did not like the job I was at currently but my situation changed and I no longer wanted to be at that job.  So, I started looking until I found something that was the right fit. I start my new job on February 2 and while I am nervous, I am also very excited.

I stopped setting New Year’s Resolutions a long time ago.  It is not that I can’t keep them– although I have had my share of failed ones – it is that I don’t feel that the New Year is the only time we should better ourselves. I continue to make decisions day in and day out to make myself a better person. Sometimes, I succeed and other times, I fail miserably.  But there are also some wonderful lessons gained from all my experiences especially the ones where I fail.

It would have been nice to continue these thoughts through the entire year but I didn’t think I’d be able to follow through. I made my goal smaller and I managed to get through all 31 days of January with some really great ideas for 2015.

The last of these posts is me asking every one of you to continue to be the best version of you that you can be.  And  when you finally reach that version, find a better version so that you can continue to better yourself.

Continuing to be the best version of me is my motto for 2015. I am in no way am I perfect or just we where I need to be. If anything, I am where I need be right now.  And I will continue to work on where I will go next.


One thought on “Thought for Day 31 of 2015: Continue to Be the Best Version of You  

  1. I have really enjoyed your thoughts for the day. I really congratulate you on making it through the entire month! Wishing you a wonderful rest of the year and much happiness with your new job.

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