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Thought for Day 27 of 2015: Be a Good Person

Since the beginning of time, philosophy has debated what good is and so many of us find being good more complicated than kindness. It is true that all of our journeys are different, but doing and being good has to do with discovering who you are and the role that you play in the world. And in order to truly be good, you have figure out what good means to you. It could mean doing good for others, or simply being a kind and honest person.

Good doesn’t have to be what your parents told you and it isn’t something you do for recognition or reward.  It should be what you believe makes you a good person on your own terms. Being a good person can mean giving people the benefit of doubt. Obviously, don’t compromise your safety or happiness in the process. But assume that everyone is good and act accordingly.

Continue improving your understanding of what being a good person is. Learn from your mistakes, from others and from history.  Observe situations and think before you act.  Seek out good people you can learn from so that your journey isn’t lonely and becomes a better experience. Be an inspiration to others and make yourself available to those who need a guide. Believe in the power your actions will have in influencing others. When people see you doing good things, they will be reminded to take positive action on their own.

Choose to find joy in goodness. If you spend too much time focusing on the bad, you miss the good things that are happening. Notice the small kindnesses that you find yourself and others doing and constantly remind yourself that there is good in this world.  Because when you surround yourself with good deeds and good people, you can see all the things you can be grateful for. So, be a good person and do good out there in the world. And most importantly, be the best version of you that you can possibly be because that version has more good inside than you ever thought possible.


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