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Thought for Day 25 of 2015: Make At Least One Big Life Change

We spent so much of our waking lives with routines and habits. We pay attention to what we are eating and how we participate at your jobs or personal lives. Our bodies and minds become so used to these routines and we quickly become used to these. We do things simply because we have always done them and as a result, we get stuck.

We are always told that we can break habits by making small changes – like giving up caffeine or sugar or spending less time at the local bowling alley.  And these little things help and they do make our lives a little easier. But there are other things that could drastically improve our lives improve our lives that we are afraid of.

Perhaps it is time to find a better job, or move or cut toxic people from our lives. Why not make a bigger change that could improve your life drastically? Especially if you have been unhappy in your job, or tired of city life or you are in a relationship that is only hurting you.

Change can be a destination.  It does not have to be a simple step by step process. Figure out what is making your life hard and stressful and ask yourself how changing that would be make life less hard and so much happier. And go for it. Get that better paying job. Move to a better neighborhood. Or enjoy being by yourself for a while but don’t let the New Year start and end with you doing the same thing that is bringing havoc to your life.


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