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Thought for Day 17 of 2015: Remember to have fun


As adults, so many of us have forgotten what it means to have fun. But life without fun and games isn’t just boring, it is also unhealthy. People who get out and enjoy life cope better with stress which in turns contributes to a healthy body and mind.  And playing with others creates bonding and offers the benefit of social support.

We have become disconnected from the idea of fun. We are too busy being hardworking and involved with taking care our kids, our parents and others. But when we don’t take the time to experience joy and fun, we are not honoring our need for happiness.

In 2015, let’s remember to have fun.  Let’s laugh and joke and play. Watch funny movies, dance in the rain and spend time with fun people.   Once you get started, you will wonder how you made it without fun in your life.


One thought on “Thought for Day 17 of 2015: Remember to have fun

  1. Really enjoying these reminders about life. It’s so strange how the simplest thing can get lost in the chaos of our day. Hope all is well with you. Cheers.

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