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Thought for Day 8 of 2015: Laugh More

Laughter is a powerful remedy to stress, pain and conflict. Nothing helps your mind and body get into balance better than laughter. It can lighten your burden, give you hope, keep you grounded and focused and also helps you to connect to others.

Set aside special times during your day or week to seek out laughter. Incorporate laughter and humor into your life gradually and naturally.  Some ways to do this include smiling, counting your blessings, spending time with happy people, and bringing humor into your conversations.

It is important to not take yourself too seriously. Even when life is tough, minimizing the seriousness of a situation can allow you to manage sadness and grief.  Take the time to laugh at yourself. Laugh at situations rather than being upset about them. Surround yourself with things that help you to lighten up such as a funny poster or toy at your desk. And remember that even though there are things that may be out your control, it is unhealthy for you to carry so much burden.

The ability to laugh and have fun can make your life more enjoyable, help you to solve problems, connect and be creative.  When you make humor and laughter a daily part of your life, you will find yourself more relaxed, joyful, and balanced.  In 2015, let’s laugh more.


2 thoughts on “Thought for Day 8 of 2015: Laugh More

  1. When I was in nursing school, I purposely gave up 30 minutes of sleep in my full-to-brimming day to stay up late and watch M.A.S.H. on TV. Laugh therapy got me through! Now I watch Big Bang and that makes my day. Just 30 minutes’ll do ya!

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