Posted in Thought for 2015

Thought for Day 6 of 2015:  Spend Time Alone

Making alone time is a difficult task for most people. But when you are overworked and overwhelmed, it is crucial for managing stressing, being happy and making you more productive.  Make “you” a priority and schedule time for yourself. You can treat your “you” time just like any other appointment you make. Try to take at least half hour every day for you.  Help yourself by planning what you are going to do during that time and promise yourself that you won’t waste that time.  You can meditate, write, listen to music, soak in the tub, exercise, or sit quietly and do absolutely nothing. You can make a list of your favorite activities to help you decide what you will be doing during your time alone. Do what works for you and make your “you” time relaxing and uplifting.


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