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Thought for Day 3 of 2015: Choose To Not Sweat It

Some people respond to life’s small setbacks with a shrug while others freak out. Over the years and with much needed help, I have learned to stop letting things affect me in unhealthy ways. We all worry and argue about the small stuff. Humanity is negative by nature and this goes back to Adam and Eve. We are go around arguing and excusing. We argue with others about their mistakes and we make excuses for our own behavior. We hurt and we hide and we blame others for the things that are out our control.  We all act like whiners, victims, complainers and skeptics. If we are not thinking about the kind of people we are when we are at our worst, we don’t realize how awful we can be.  And we don’t have to be these kind of people. We can choose to focus on not sweating the small stuff. There is an entire series of books dedicated to living with less stress and finding happiness, joy and harmony. Regardless of where our focus is or how tough situations get, we can still work on not sweating the small things. In 2015,  choose not sweat it.

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