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Thought for Day 2 of 2015: Apologize to Loved Ones

Apologize to loved ones even when you think you right or feel you have done nothing or you are not sorry.  Remember the song by Elton John: “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word?”   Just because “sorry” is the hardest word, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say it.  People don’t apologize because they feel it puts them in an inferior position.  Remember that conflicts are not one’s person’s fault alone.  You can say you’re sorry that there is a conflict, recognize your role and apologize without admitting fault or throwing blame. (Blame and fault defeat the point of apologizing in the first place.)

With loved ones, sometimes you know there is more to a situation. And loved ones know that no matter what they do or say, you will still love them. But it is more difficult when you know their anger is coming from someone other source or situation. And that something else is hurting them, all you can do is apologize, tell them you love them, and let them know you will be there when they need you again. Forgiveness becomes even more important when you know that need you even though they are telling you that they don’t right now.  Last and importantly, never say anything you can’t take back. Apologize and walk away if you need to.


One thought on “Thought for Day 2 of 2015: Apologize to Loved Ones

  1. So important! Not a big word, but it holds so much meaning – for both sides. And can heal the deepest of wounds.

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