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My Poor Neglected Blog

It is not like I have nothing to say.
I always have something that needs saying.
After all, I am me.
I am type A and I have RA.

My poor neglected blog.
I have not forgotten about you.
You sit here waiting patiently,
As you always do.

Lately, my life has been filled with more commitment,
And I took on a new venture for a short time.
But you, my dear blog, have not been forgotten.
You will be here, waiting patiently as always.

Fall turned into winter,
And soon, spring will be here.
And so will you,
Waiting for me to share my thoughts and even pour my heart out.

My poor neglected blog,
Do not fret
As I will be back soon enough,
And the words will flow beautifully once more.


6 thoughts on “My Poor Neglected Blog

  1. Hi Lana!
    Hope the new year is treating you well! We’ll always be here regardless of how often you update. 🙂 Praying you and the family are doing well. Sending you a hug!

  2. I get you on neglecting your blog. Mine has been the same way. Sometimes, I think that is a healthy sign that we’ve moved on to other parts of our life despite health issues. I hope you are doing well and enjoying as much time as possible with your little guy.

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