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Two Words No Family Should Ever Have to Hear

Lana's brother Moe

Entering my brother’s hospital room two days before Thanksgiving 2010, I couldn’t have predicted that this day would be the last day I would hear my brother speak or see him moving about. I knew that when his doctors spoke the words “peritoneal mesothelioma” that the chances of him going into remission were small. Those words were now distressing my family and breaking my mother’s heart. I had heard those words before but in the past, they seemed to be meant for someone else and not my younger brother.

My brother Moe was only 31 years old when he was tragically taken away from us on December 20, 2010. His life ended before he really had an opportunity to truly enjoy it. He had not yet gotten an opportunity to marry a soul mate or have children. His life ended because of someone else’s disregard for life. My mother lives every parent’s worst nightmare because she outlived her child. My siblings and I lost our brother and our friend and his nephews and nieces lost their uncle.

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