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Stay Gone

long gone

My old friend, RA, has returned after being away for the entire summer.  As usual, RA is uninvited and invading my life especially as I sleep.  Mornings are now cooler so I awake to a cooler bedroom and as soon as my feet hit the ground, I know that my RA troll has visited me overnight.

As I struggle to move and get ready in the morning, I take inventory of all the joints that ache and that are stiff.  Moreover, my low back pain has returned – this pain is as a result of a car accident from over two years ago.  I have also been dealing with a stiff neck since a newer car accident where I was a passenger three weeks ago.  I am sure my RA and this newer accident has aggravated some old injuries but I don’t know, I am just trying to make it through every day.  I wish my RA would just stay gone.

Other than that, life has been normal crazy. Still writing a book, still maintaining blogs, still advocating, still working and being mom to my boys.  I am still doing all of these things despite RA. But RA can suck the life out of you and then some.

Not much of a post today – just updating and complaining some. After all, I am only human.  I am worn out from the RA troll visiting at night.  I am achy and sometimes, I limp especially if I sit for too long. I hate how the cooling weather makes me feel like I am 77 instead of 37.

Stealing the lyrics from a Jimmy Wayne song and creating my own parody.

I am no longer going out my mind and I am feeling good.

I am not in remission but I am back among the living.

Yes, there were tears you once made me cry

But I can now honestly say, I like it this way.

RA, stay away.

Stay right where you are.

I like it this way.

It is good for my joints

And for my self-esteem.

I haven’t felt like this in God knows how long.

I know everything will be okay as long as you just stay gone, RA.

Please RA- Stay Gone.

Some awful poetry there but I got my point across. I need my RA to stay gone. I am so tired of it testing my patience. RA – I need you to stay gone.


6 thoughts on “Stay Gone

  1. I felt my RA was gone for a good chunk of the summer, but then, the weather changed and she came charging back. Keep up the fight, be kind to yourself on the rough days.

  2. I’m with you–RA stay gone! I am so sorry to hear the cold has brought more pain. 😦 I’m in TX and people are in shorts still, but I am dreading what the change in climate will bring. You are in my prayers today, Lana!

  3. I hate that RA has moved back in for a while. I am dreading the winter this year. I have just begun to feel halfway normal (at least for living with RA normal) this year and I’m afraid it will be short lived with cool weather closing in. I’m with Kelli, we are still wearing shorts but it won’t last long. Hugs and hang in there!

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