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Good Riddance to Depression

Dear Depression,

I am so glad to have finally broken up with you.  You invaded my life all those months and you were like an unwanted and unwelcome guest who just refused to go home.  At one point, I thought you would be in my life forever but as the days, weeks and months went on, I got stronger and realized that your days with me outnumbered.

Just so you know, you are a real jerk and I cannot believe that I put up for this long but gosh darn-it, I am moving on without you in my life.  Moving on does not mean I have forgotten those many nights I cried myself to sleep and the nights that I couldn’t sleep because the pessimistic thoughts running through my head. I loved and valued my sleep because without it I could not be productive but you were keeping me up at night and I can’t take that kind of crap from anymore.

I wasn’t cooking for my family because of my lack of appetite and spending time with them because of my lack of energy for life. You took away my ability to be myself around the people that love. I was always on the edge with my temper and I couldn’t stand even the simplest inconvenience such as someone standing in front of me.

I could keep going on and on about all the ways in which you inconvenienced my life but that would mean I wasn’t moving on. The fact is I am tired of this one way relationship and I don’t need a relationship like that.  I cannot even tell you “good luck,” “I hope you find someone else” or “thanks” because there was nothing good about you my life.

I am doing my own thing now and I am focusing on being happy.  Don’t you dare try to come back into my life! I have moved and changed my phone number. They say misery loves company; why don’t you go spend some time with her?

This is me and I am walking away for good.  I got my happy on. Good Riddance to Depression.

5 thoughts on “Good Riddance to Depression

  1. Lana: It’s great to hear such optimism and strength in your post. Identifying depression is the first step in resolving it. Sending hugs your way.

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