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How did we get to a time when we have to think twice about sending our kids to school?

I don’t know about you but when I was a kid, it seemed like our schools were safer. While we always had crazy and cruel people out there, gunmen did not shoot up schools.  The fact is that gunmen attacking innocent children in a place where they are supposed to be safe is a new phenomenon.   All these mass shootings of late seem to be happening with regularity and the amount of deaths make them more shocking than any other crime possible.  The fact is our country is so much less safe than it was when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s and these types of shootings, unless they huge, no longer shock us.

There is nothing that can be more tragic than a gunman attacking an elementary school.  It shakes our society to its core.  How did we get to a time when we have to think twice about sending our kids to school?  I ask because I really don’t know the answer.  I ask because I am a mother to a four year old and a preteen and I want answers and resolutions to help ease my own fears and so I do not have to think twice when I drop my boys off to school.

Some people blame gun laws and say that they are not strict enough and others blame violent games and media.  Every time our country is shaken to its core by a huge violent act, we tell ourselves it cannot possibly happen again.  We ignore the possibility of a reoccurrence and do nothing to protect the public and our children.   There are also the people that argue that crimes are just a part of a large population and that there is not a lot we can do to protect people from violence.

I don’t know what is right but I sure wish I did.  All I know is there was a time when my parents felt it was safe to send my siblings and me to school or take us out to the mall or a movie.   I get that there are mass murderers out there and I know that every once in a while some crazy random shooter decides to get violent on a college campus.  But I cannot wrap my head around the idea that a gunman could walk into a school full of small children.  I just wish that our country was the way it used to be where sending your children off to school didn’t mean you had to worry whether they would come home to you or not.

Daily, we send our children to school and we want to assume their safe but our airports, courthouses and banks are safer than our schools.  Why is it that those institutions have metal detectors and armed guards and our schools don’t? Let’s face it. Sociopaths pick the places most vulnerable to attack, such as malls, religious institutions and our schools.

For the next few weeks and months, we will hear about how guns kill people but the fact is, people kill people.  Sociopaths will kill people with our without access to guns.  The second amendment has nothing to do with crazy people who want to harm others.   I know that we cannot always protect the public at large but we should protect those most vulnerable in our country.  Today the fiscal cliff and the president’s cabinet do not matter.  I hope that our politicians can learn from this experience and find a way to stop bickering long enough to rebuild our country and to work towards making it safer because we have never been more vulnerable than we are now.

No parent should have to bury their child and if you ask my mother, she can tell you that outliving your child destroys you.  God please give the grieving parents in Newtown the strength to carry on and please help to ease the pain in their hearts.  If you believe in God, this is a good time as any to offer prayer. God is always listening and especially now, he can hear the pain in the hearts that have been broken.


2 thoughts on “How did we get to a time when we have to think twice about sending our kids to school?

  1. I’m still having trouble believing someone could do this, even though it happened 2 weeks ago. I never thought I would see the day when in the US we would need guards at schools. Nearly as alarming is the Westboro Baptist Church showing up to protest at the funerals of Sandy Hook victims. This cult (Baptist Church is just a cover) spreads their hatred where ever they go.

    1. This morning I thought about it again and I prayed that God would protect them from crazies like that. I don’t know but I agree with that that our schools have become unsafe and adding security/armed guards is evidence of that.

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