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Strange Things Happen to Me

I am still completely dumbfounded by what happened last Thursday.  If you recall I had mentioned a medical procedure I was having on Thursday afternoon.  That medical procedure was a breast biopsy that was scheduled after they found a growth on a breast ultrasound.  The growth did not show up on a mammogram but the radiologist suggested that before age 40, it is hard to find what they are looking for on mammograms.  Anyway, so they found a growth and scheduled the biopsy. That biopsy did not go as planned.

I went in a nervous wreck.  They used lidocaine (like they use for dental work) to numb the breast before the ultrasound guided core needle biopsy.  Before the lidocaine, however, the radiologist had to confirm that the growth was still there via an ultrasound.  Because it was located in a duct, relocating it did not prove easy. From day one, I was told that the doctor suspected an Intraductal Papilloma  which is a wart-like growth that sometimes punctures the duct.  These types of papillomas are four out of five times benign tumors and made of fibrous tissue and blood vessels. Because they grow inside the breast’s milk ducts, they can cause benign nipple discharge.  The biopsy was supposed to rule out any chance of cancer.  However, things did not go as planned.

The growth was located on the ultrasound after much trial and error on the radiologist’s part.  Once she located it, I was injected with the lidocaine and the core needle was injected into the breast.  The needle was guided into the area where the growth was located but no biopsy samples were taken.  As soon as the radiologist got to where it was located, it was GONE.  It literally vanished! She searched and searched and finally gave up looking.  She suggested that may have been a cyst or “debris” (that was the word she used), but she would talk the doctor and I would be a getting a call early this week from the doctor or his assistant. Since there is still discharge and pain, I will need additional testing.  I am kind of relieved that breast cancer is likely out of the picture but frustrated because I still have no idea what is going on. I am also wondering whether the growth is still there and the location made it harder to find after the needle was inserted.

And well, strange things always happen to me.  I never expected this outcome.  I actually expected some kind of answer. You would think I would learn by now.

I went to NYC over the weekend.  Here are some photos:


The view from our ferry to Liberty Island
Lady Liberty in all her glory
Manhattan Skyline. The tallest building is the new World Trade Center.
The Brooklyn Bridge or as my three year old calls it, the “Broken” Bridge.
Back to reality – stuck in rush hour traffic this morning.



5 thoughts on “Strange Things Happen to Me

  1. How strange and relieving! Perhaps you have some guardian angels working with you that day. I hope future tests reveal that it is permanently gone.

    Looks like you had a nice time in NYC. Glad you had a chance to enjoy the long weekend.

    All the best to you!

  2. Lana, I am shocked you went away for the weekend days after the biopsy! I was in so much pain after my biopsy. Horribly bruised up! You are a trouper! Looks like you had a great time. So glad it turned out in a positive way!

    1. Adrienne,
      The radiologist told me if they actually got samples that I would be in more pain. I kept the area iced even through the drive to NYC. I am still a little sore but you are right about the trooper part. I am pretty tough.

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