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Review of Carex Products

I recently received some great products from the people at Carex Health Brands (through Crier Communications) for me to use and blog about. Carex Health Brands offers a complete line of products to help you ease the aches and pains that come with stress and health conditions such as RA and fibromyalgia.  

I received the following products from Carex for my review:

Bed Buddy Warming Shawl

Bed Buddy Aromatherapy Hot/Cold Pack

Bed Buddy Foot & Hand Warmers

Carex Ultra Grabber Reaching Aid

Bed Buddy Warming Shawl


The Bed Buddy Warming Shawl came in handy with I awoke the night after the products arrived with neck and shoulder pain. I took out the warming shawl, took a quick look at the product description and then put it in the microwave for less than two minutes. I put it around my shoulders, buttoned it and fell back to sleep quickly. When morning came, I had gotten a good night’s sleep and most of my pain had subsided. 

The design of the shawl covers the shoulders, neck and arms. It is comfortable to wear and is attractive coming in two colors – black or burgundy. It also offers a secure closure so you do not have to hold it around you. The shawl keeps you warm while providing a deep penetrating moist heat. It is great for anyone with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and/or back pain. You can even use it just keep warm on a cold day. All you have to do is put in the microwave for a minute or two (depending on your microwave) and the warm heat lasts for up to an hour. You can also put in the freezer if you are looking for cold therapy.

Bed Buddy Aromatherapy Hot/Cold Pack 

I really loved the Bed Buddy Aromatherapy Hot/Cold Pack. Actually, using it was heavenly. If you want soothing relief from aches and pains, this Hot/Cold Pack is your friend. It is filled with 100% natural grains, herbs and flowers and scented with rose, orange, lavender and cherry blossom. The uplifting aroma will rejuvenate you and the hold or cold relief will help you with aches, pains and stiffness.

The Hot/Cold Pack offers a moist heat and deep soothing relief from arthritis pain, joint stiffness, and sore muscles. You can use hot or cold and it heats quickly in the microwave. The aromatherapy scents will help to heal and uplift you. 

I awoke the other night with a really bad migraine headache. (I often awake to pain.) After taking my migraine prescription, I needed to do something about the throbbing in my head until the migraine medication did its own job. I heated up the hot and cold pack in the Microwave, headed back to bed, and put it on my forehead. The aromatherapy helped me to fall asleep quickly while the moist heat provided soothing relief. In all honesty, I didn’t expect to use the heat/cold pack on my forehead but it came in handy when I did need it and offered relief I didn’t expect.

Bed Buddy Foot & Hand Warmers 

The Foot & Hand Warmers come with lightly fragranced scent packs with eucalyptus, clove, and cinnamon – all to calm and revitalize your senses. Heat up to long lasting comfort, that stays heated for up to one hour. The warmers are one size fits all and easy and safe to use. I have awoken to stiff achy joints and even on a warm morning, the Foot & Hand Warmers are a Godsend. 

Carex Ultra Grabber Reaching Aid 

The Ultra Grabber Reaching Aid is designed for grasping items from those hard to reach places. I am 5 foot 3 inches so even without RA and fibro, there is not a lot I can reach. Additionally, the Ultra Grabber offers a 90 degree rotating arm that makes grasping easy. The wrist support is great for those of us with achy and weak hands. The locking tab holds grabbed items in place for those lacking hand strength. It is great tool and it does it what it is supposed to do. It is most helpful to me in the kitchen because I have pretty high cabinets. I don’t do well with stools and chairs as it is but with the grabber, I no longer have to worry about stretching to reach something and then giving up to locate a stool or chair. 

You can find Carex products at various online retailers, including Amazon, and local retailers, including Walmart.  You can also find Bed Buddy products there as well. Carex Health Brands is a global leader in home health products and has been in business for more than twenty years.  For more information, please visit the Carex website at and/or the Bed Buddy Facebook page at  To find retailers, call Carex at 1-800-526-8051 or email them at


Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. The people at Crier Communications sent me samples to try out. The opinions expressed belong entirely to me.



One thought on “Review of Carex Products

  1. I have the foot warmers and they are great! The shawl is really intriguing to me and I have plenty of shoulder and neck problems that would benefit from this so I think I will give it a try. Thanks for the tips!

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