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Review of The Minefields by Steven C. Eisner‏

Welcome to stop #25 on The Minefields Blog Tour!!!  My stop involves an excerpt from the book and a review.  

Excerpt from The Minefields: “I was working so hard to be his finest possible concertmaster, and I felt badly that I hadn’t as yet delivered his first violinist—the love of his life—to bid him farewell. The farewell business had always seemed like a lot of theatrics for the ‘big screen,’ the tearjerker ending with musical swells, sadness on steroids.” 

Review: Sam Spiegel has it all – a great career, a beautiful wife and strong family connections. When his sick father, Harry, asks him to take over the family’s advertising business, Sam jumps at the chance.  However, despite being a loyal son and a man who appears to have it all, Sam is struggling to find his identity and there is a lot of tug of war involved in that struggle.  READ MORE.


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