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#HAWMC Day 2 Quotation Inspiration: Seeing Past My Limitations


Today’s Prompt: Find a quote that inspires you (either positively or negatively) and free write about it for 15 minutes.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Susan Jeffers and reads: “Remove those ‘I want you to like me’ stickers from your forehead and instead, place them where they truly will do the most good – on your mirror.”

I have struggled for several years trying to see past the limitations that rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia have brought into my life.  Of late, I have noticed that the person I used to be before cared more about her physical appearance than the person I am now. Something snapped into of me and said, “What is your excuse?  If you want to feel beautiful, you will make the effort to be beautiful.” 

When RA and fibro came into my life, I focused on getting better and because I tried to live a normal life, my appearance often suffered.  I had excuses for not making myself beautiful every morning as I had done in the past and my excuse was simple, I hurt.  I was in pain and the last thing I wanted to do was fuss with my hair and my makeup when getting ready every morning had become such a tough job. I hope this doesn’t sound shallow but I need to look good on the outside to feel good on the inside.

Here I am nearly four years later, and I am not in as much pain as I was when I was first diagnosed or even a year ago. I am at place where my pain levels are low and it is time to go back to feeling beautiful and that I have been doing. I have been so much happier now that this has become part of my morning routine once again. That quote has been one that I have strongly believe in and at different parts of my journey, it has meant different things.  Right now, it is a reminder to me that I am beautiful and I need to make an effort every morning to remind myself.  

I am lifting my coffee up to being beautiful and to reminding myself daily that beauty does take effort.  I want to be able to look in the mirror and see what is important to me, not what is important to anyone else.  RA and fibro took its toll on me but right now, I am winning.  I learned a long time ago that loving myself comes first and having enough confidence to do that means I am strong enough not to care whether others like me or not. I decide my fate and I have come a long ways from being someone just diagnosed with RA and fibro. I want to look in the mirror and say, “Hey I am beautiful and you know why? Because I make the effort every morning to see past my limitations.”


5 thoughts on “#HAWMC Day 2 Quotation Inspiration: Seeing Past My Limitations

  1. Do I tweeze my brows? Nope. Do I shave my legs? Yes. Do I continue to dye my hair? Yes, must be my vanity…lol. I can understand where you are coming from in this post. And as much as I like rouge and lipstick to give me a boost, I respect others that just don’t have the energy. I was them at one time but have found my way back some and do have some energy to apply the rouge, pick out clothes that match, and put on my lipstick before I leave my home. Heck I even do this when I don’t leave my home now. I think by doing this I have reclaimed a piece of me that I had to let go during the ra onset phase. But, honestly, there are still days when I can’t do the rouge, pick out matching clothes or even think about applying some lip gloss. But I do hold onto the hope that I will be able to do it all again after the flare has subsided. And by the way….I hope to see that movie Mirror, Mirror 🙂

  2. I am glad that you are winning! I don’t have RA or fibromyalgia, so I don’t live with the pain you do, but I have really bad fatigue. I know exactly where you coming from. Some days I am glad I had the energy to get in the shower let alone worry about making myself beautiful! I guess I should put some signs on my mirror too as a reminder.

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