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#HAWMC Day 1: Health Time Capsule

April is Health Activist Writer’s Month – a month dedicated to celebrating health writers and bloggers. We host the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (#HAWMC), an online writing workshop: 30 posts in 30 days. Focus on being creative when communicating about health topics! Learn more: http://blog What’s in it? What would people think of it when they found it?

Today’s prompt: Pretend you’re making a time capsule of you & your health focus that won’t be opened until 2112.

My time capable would include a letter to future generations about living with rheumatoid arthritis and the fears that I have and that I am sure many others have as well.

Dear future health activists:

I am hoping that by 2112 there will be a cure for all autoimmune diseases so if that is the case, it is important that people 100 years into the future understand what living with rheumatoid arthritis is like in 2012. My grandfather was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in the late 1960s at a time when biologic agents and disease modifying drugs did not exist. This meant that RA patients did not live normal lives and had no options to prevent and/or slow down the progression of the disease. I consider that generation of RA patients to be heroes who paved the way for future generations afflicted with RA.

Being a parent with RA, I know the limitations that this disease poses. At the same token, I am relieved that I am the one with RA and not my loved ones, especially my children. I always worry that I pass this disease on because RA is in my genetic line. In fact, genetics plays a role in the development of the disease. RA caused my maternal grandfather so much pain and suffering and eventually took his life and as a result, I am afraid to pass this disease on to my children.

I hope that in 100 years that the genetic trigger of all autoimmune diseases is discovered along with some kind of method to shut that trigger down. See, I can deal with all the other triggers that are not in my control but knowing that I can pass this disease on scares me.

I have learned to overcome the limitations that RA poses on my life. However, I am not sure that I can watch a child or grandchild struggle with the same obstacles and limitations. I pray that by the time 2112 comes that no one has to wonder about remission, about a cure, or even about prevention. I pray that science and medicine have evolved as they have in the last 40 years because I cannot imagine my grandfather watching me struggle in the manner that he did. I am glad that he is able to look down and see the positive affect that biologic agents and disease modifying drugs have had on my life. Without them, I would have suffered in the same fate that he did. Additionally, I want to be able to look at my children and grandchildren and know that their fate was much better than mine was.

It’s not too late to get a friend to join us! It’s easy to catch up and jump in – so if you know someone who may want to join us (or if someone asks you as they read your posts) – the more the merrier. Just have your friend or community member sign up here: and we’ll send him/her all 30 prompts!

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