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Magic Opener – Review and Giveaway

The great people at Open Sesame USA sent me their Magic Opener® to review. They have also given me six openers to give away to readers of my blog.

My Review

Opening small, medium or large plastic bottles and cans is a snap with this opener. You can open any brand of bottled water, soda pop cans or even glass soda bottles. Whatever it is you are trying to get open, the Magic Opener® Bottle Opener is your answer to daily opening of different beverage containers. The openers not only work well but they are fast opening and very comfortable on your hands.

Having used the product for this review during a rheumatoid arthritis flare period, I can honestly tell you that I was relieved to have the opener available for use. It is as simple as saying “open sesame,” and the magic opener does the job each and every time.

Here are some really cools things about the Magic Opener® Bottle Opener:

  • It is so small you can take it with you in a lunchbox, purse or backpack. You can take it anywhere – to the park, camping, traveling and even your workplace. Store in your car, your RV or with your camping equipment. Store it any place you will need it to come in handy.
  • It is magnetic! It sticks to any metal surface so you don’t have to worry about getting it lost. Mine is on my refrigerator door right now so I won’t be searching for it the next time I need to use it.
  • It offers a 3 in 1 function feature – you can open plastic bottles, flip tops on cans, and glass bottles all with one tool.
  • It is ergonomic and for me – that is a big deal. Because of having rheumatoid arthritis, my hands always hurt. Along with the 3 in 1 function, the Magic Opener® is designed to be gentle on the hands especially for those suffering from arthritis or limited hand strength. This also means no pain or strain is required to get bottles and cans open.

  • 90 day money back guarantee – You can use it for 90 days and return it for any reason at all and the people at Open Sesame USA will send you your money back, no questions asked.

Here is a demonstration video that shows how the product works.

If you are interested in buying your own Magic Opener® Bottle Opener, you can click on any of the links on the main page to be directed to the order page or by clicking HERE. You can also purchase a set of three interchangeable metal plates. As you know, water and soda bottles come in many different cap sizes. If one plate is not the correct size, replace the metal plate with the most appropriate: x-small, medium or large. The plates are easy to change and the directions are simple and easily explained.

Coming from someone who has spent the last three days with very achy hands, this is a product that can make life a lot easier for you whether your hands ache or not. Another plus for those of us who have arthritis is that the opener grips the bottle cap or can flip top so well that you don’t have to worry about it getting lose while opening and thus, you avoid a mess. Additionally, you can also tightly reclose plastic bottles and as we all know, this practically important for plastic soda bottles.


I only have good things to say about the Magic Opener® Bottle Opener: and that the people at Open Sesame USA have delivered on their promises. They have also generously given me six bottle openers for giveaway. If you want one, just leave your email address below. I will contact the first six people to get their addresses and send out right away. Also, please let me know what other opener products you have tried in the past and whether those have delivered on their promises.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review.  I received a Magic Opener® for my review.  Thank you Pablo at Open Sesame USA for providing me the opportunity to review your opener.


14 thoughts on “Magic Opener – Review and Giveaway

  1. I have a jar opener that works well, but haven’t found anything for bottles. This one looks like a wonderful find.
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  2. looks really great, i’m forever trying to open water bottles – the caps just don’t seem to be large enough

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