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When Life Throws You Lemons – Wait it Out

I am a strong believer in when life throws you lemons, you should throw them back. However, there are times when you cannot throw them back.  In those cases, you should make lemonade.  There are also times when throwing the lemons back or making lemonade aren’t options.  Sometimes, those lemons are not even ripe yet so there of no use to you.  Perhaps they might ripen but  on the other hand, they may simply rot.

Most of my Saturday involved unpacking and organizing after our move to a new place on Wednesday.  On Sunday, I spent most of the day sleeping off a flare up. I really had no other choice but to wait it out.  I couldn’t have fought it because I was extremely tired and in extreme pain.  Between my muscles and joints, I wasn’t sure which hurt more.  So, I slept off the flare up and I woke up this morning with most of it on its way out the door. However, something happened last night that I didn’t expect.

About 8 in the evening, I checked my bank account online.  There were two transactions on my account that I did not authorize – both for online vendors.  Someone used my debit card as a credit card and the amounts were not small.  This, in addition to the missing funds, left me with an overdraft.   Here is the thing – no one had to access to my card unless I gave them access to it.  You know when you use your debit card as a credit card and you give them the number, the type it is (VISA or MasterCard), the expiration date, and the security code?  That is the only possible explanation.  I called the bank and they told me to contact the claims department first thing in the morning. Well, that is what I did first thing in the morning. 

My bank opened a claim but told me to wait until the charges clear – right now they are pending.  That means I have to wait until tomorrow morning for the bank to actually initiate putting the money back into my account.  Meanwhile I am sitting here try to make sense of what happened.  I did cancel my debit card but I couldn’t order a new one because my address changed and I didn’t notify the bank yet.  I was told to go to a branch, change the address, and order new one. A good friend of mine only believes in using cash and for this precise reason.  She feels that anytime you recite your card information to anyone you put yourself at risk.  It is a lesson I have learned the hard way. It is something I will be wise about in the future. Here is another thing I have to wait out – getting my money back. If anything, I am not at all surprised that there are crooks out there.

In the past, I was horrible at waiting but RA and FMS told me I had no choice.  A lot of things have changed since RA and FMS came into my life.  Right now, in addition to all this recent chaos, I am working on handling a financial situation that has long lingered. It started with a bad business venture and my health taking a bad turn.  Both of these things put us in a situation that there was no way out of. Well, I am working on that way out right now and it is very nerve wrecking.  I am at the point now where I just have to wait things out and I hate every minute of it.

Life’s events have taught me the value of patience. One of most important things I have learned is to not act on impulse.  In addition, we must change our thinking and our attitudes.  We should reach for support and encouragement in order to continue to practice patience.  I have learned over the years how important patience is because without it, we would make choices that we shouldn’t. I have learned so much in the past few years about myself but patience is the one I have been the hardest hit with. Patience would have kept me from a lot of heartache, anxiety and stress but now that I have learned it, I know that I will be okay. Go figure – It only took 36 years for me to figure this out!


3 thoughts on “When Life Throws You Lemons – Wait it Out

  1. Please, please be sure to watch your credit reports carefully or even consider putting a credit freeze on the three credit bureaus. Yes, this will cost you to do this but you need to be prudent to insure no one is trying to steal your identity and open another credit card, etc. If you opt not to do this, at the very least be sure to check the credit agencies to be sure nothing else is going on in your name…rather in your name and without your permission or knowledge. And be sure to change your address ASAP with everyone and everything that still mails you anything: magazines, bills, etc. The sooner the better. Don’t just rely on address forwarding. Please take the time to notify the companies yourself and this includes any last bills like electric etc. from the old address. I am soooo sorry this has happened to you.

    1. I am actually very good about checking my credit report and I will be extra prudent in the future. However, this I did not expect with my debit card. I think I got too trusting for a minute there. I am going to use cash from now and only use my debit card if I am the one putting the information in – i.e. not reciting it to someone else. Thanks Deb for your insight.

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