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Well, My Sanity is Still in Tact…Wish I Could Say the Same for My Joints


The Move

Moving is never a fun task but I am happy to say I survived it. Of course, the boxes are not unpacked yet and may take a week or two to be all unpacked and organized.  My plans changed on Monday when the management company for my new place called and told me that I could not move in on Jan. 31 because they were replacing the carpet.  I had to shuffle some things around and rescheduled the movers. I did end of picking up the keys on Tuesday afternoon after the carpet was replaced. Moving day became February 1 and I have to admit, it went pretty well. Everything was ready by the time the movers arrived and I didn’t lift a thing.  Three hours later, the move was complete. The cable guy showed up later and set up the cable, phone and internet. Dinner involved pizza and paper plates. After dinner, I went back to old place and vacuumed.  I had been cleaning cabinets, drawers and windows for several days.  The fridge and stove were cleaned the night before and the bathroom before the movers got there. I was absolutely worn out.  I was in bed by 8:30.

We are home

Things went pretty well despite the pain in all my joints. I slept like baby last night. There will be more boxes to unpack today, tomorrow, and for several days.  I also did laundry last night because I have a washer and dryer at my place. I never had this at my previous place so you can see how happy that makes me.  Did I mention that I also went to the chiropractor after the move? The chiropractic massage helped me with some of the neck and back that I have been dealing with as I have been planning the move, cleaning, packing boxes and move its self.  Planning helped because things could have been much worse. However, I don’t have a plan for the unpacking part – I will guess figure it out as I go. Anyway, here’s the thing, I feel like I am home. I slept so peacefully last night and so did the boys that there was no question that we were home. We really are.

Other stuff

In addition to the move, I am dealing with another situation – one I have not been open about on this blog.  It is not something I plan on opening up about but it has been a nerve wrecking situation.  To add injury to insult, the person I hired to take care of it is the most insensitive person I have ever met.  I just want the issue resolved and I hired someone for that purpose.  I didn’t hire someone to belittle my choices. Unfortunately, the monies have been paid and the documents filed so I can have to put up with this person for another couple months.  Trust me when I say I have no plans to recommend her to anyone. 

On Sunday night, I had a dream about my dad. I only dream about Dad when I am struggling with something. In my dream, Dad was waiting outside for me.  He had an RV and we were going on a trip. I was getting my youngest ready and peeking out the window every often.  Dad was leaning against the RV and patiently waiting.  When I finished getting myself and my son ready, I went downstairs and called my brother (the married one) that we were all ready to go (I assume he was going too).  I awoke as we walked out the door.  I think my life would be boring if everything was perfect and wonderful all the time.  Personally, I think God knows I am capable so he tests me. It is hard sometimes being a rock when you feel like a small ship in a storm. I know I will get through this but it doesn’t mean I won’t spend the next two months worrying.

Alliance Health prepared an article where I was mentioned.  Click HERE to be directed to that article.  Also, if you have not checked my Parenting with Chronic Pain article, click HERE for that link.  When I wrote the article for Creaky Joints, I wasn’t prepared for the feedback from.  So many parents out there can actually relate to my feelings and my anxieties. I am glad that I wrote it and I am very grateful for the feedback.

A New Chapter

The move and the beginning of the end of that the stressful situation I mentioned are both part of a new chapter for me. Since my brother died, it seems like things just keep going wrong.  My marriage issues, my car accident, financial issues that continued to linger (but are finally and hopefully coming to an end), having to move because some annoying person decided to single my kids out and several other things I didn’t expect especially when I was trying to grieve my brother.  I don’t feel like I ever really had an opportunity to grieve my brother and the fact that I didn’t is hard.  I know that life gets in the way but sometimes, I think that I spent so much time being tough and trying to hold everything together that I made the choice not to grieve. Supposedly, time heals all wounds or so I have heard. 😉 


8 thoughts on “Well, My Sanity is Still in Tact…Wish I Could Say the Same for My Joints

  1. I’m glad you’re move went relatively smoothly. In my limited experience something always goes awry when moving no matter how well you plan. Good for you taking your time unpacking, I would have to have it all done in one day because I’m type A like that.

    I did enjoy your article on parenting and chronic pain and I have written a similar one myself.

  2. Sounds like you’ve had a really tough time. Hope things start to look up for you and your family. Put a horseshoe over your new door (what harm can it do even if you’re not superstitious?) and look to the bright shiny future xxx

    1. I have actually thought about the horseshoe but I was considering religous verses instead. I am not superstitious but I am strong believer in God and in his words. Thanks so much for your kinds words.

  3. Congratulations on your new home. I hope this new home provides you with a new chapter in your life of comfort and safety so you may have the opportunity to grieve the changes and losses you have been experiencing. And may that process bring you the healing you need.
    I believe that every day begins with a blank page of possibilities on which to create our life, of which only we have the power to write and rewrite. I hope this new chapter in your life is full of blessings. And through your blog, articles, and advocacy, it appears that you have been an admirable role model and blessing to many others.

    1. Hi Deborah, Thank you for visiting again and commenting. Thank you for your really sweet and kind words. I strongly believe that every day is blessing despite the setbacks.

  4. I’m glad the move went smooth and is behind you now, a new page to start. Hopefully the next couple of months will go smoothly for you. And you’re famous too now! Time does heal wounds, unfortunately it doesn’t happen over night. Take care my friend.

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