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Back to Reality

It is Monday now and I am past the epidural steroid injection and the snowstorm and it is back to work today.  Despite the fact that I was recuperating from Thursday’s procedure, I still feel rested from taking a four day weekend.  It was long overdue and I ended up in bed by 9 pm on all four nights.  I need to work three days a week more often.

I heard from the fair housing court advocate on Friday who told me that my landlord has no intention of giving me a bad reference.  I am still worried about it though.  I dropped off my application to the place I wanted – the one with the washer & dryer and I should hear back sometime today.  I need prayers because I am not sure I can take the landlord’s word.  I had to call him on Saturday to get his son’s phone number because my toilet was leaking. He didn’t sound like he was happy to hear from me but he could just be a grumpy old man for all I know.  That property manager hasn’t said a word to me since the complaint was filed but she and the landlord insist that she doesn’t work for him and that she is just a tenant like everyone else.   I guess that means he pays her under the table and that they truly believe that agency relationship cannot be established.  For me, it doesn’t matter – I just want to move. For the next person, it just might and their day will come.

As for the steroid injection procedure, it went well.  I needed more sedation this time.  They had to give it to me in the middle of the procedure.  I am not sure how people opt to do without sedation.  I felt the needle going into me and scraping against my spine and I responded to that so I heard the doctor tell the nurse “more sedation.”  After that, I don’t remember anything.  I will have to remind them about this when I go back into my lower back again.  Probably next month after the move – because I will need after that.   I did better than last time.  I was more alert after the procedure and I spent more of Thursday with the area iced and Friday, I used heat.

I dropped my son off to school Friday morning during the snowstorm and decided I wasn’t sending my three year old to daycare. It was a really bad weather day so I am not sure why the schools were open.  I spent most of the day home but after I heard from the advocate, I got a call from the leasing agent at the apartment complex reminding that Friday was the last day of the special I was interested in.  So I told her I would be there around four and pulled out the application and completed it.  The only problem was that my driver’s license was nowhere in sight.  I looked everywhere including my car to no avail so I decided I better get a new one since I needed this for my apartment search.  I also had to print out my paystubs to include in the application and there was no ink in my printer.  I ended up emailing my paystubs to myself and I planned to go to the library and print them– this with a three year old in tow.

Well with the snowstorm still brewing, I went to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and because it was during the middle of the day and during the week, I was out of there pretty quick.  My new photo is worse than a mug shot.  The BMV employee told me to put my chin down.  How was I to do that when my neck hurt and my three old wasn’t sitting still?  Yes, never take your kids to the BMV and never go when your neck hurts.  I picked up my son from school and then headed to the library to get the paystubs printed out.   I had to drag my kids out of the library because they wouldn’t leave.  After that, I went to the apartment complex to drop of the application and information that they needed.  My kids were fighting in the back seat and being in pain, I had about had it.  I finally calmed them and myself down and went in to drop off the paper work, application fee check and security deposit check and went on my merry way.  Let’s just say Friday was a long day.  Saturday involved a leaky toilet and lugging laundry and praying I get the place with the washer & dryer.  Sunday, I refused to leave the house and it was pretty cold out anyway so we stayed home and had hot cocoa. We did play in the snow briefly but we got cold pretty fast.

So, we meet again Monday.  Another long work week. Today will be a long day considering the response I am waiting for and the pain I am still dealing with.  I think positive thinking quote is due:      “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” Winston Churchill

If you have not already, please check out my review of “How Can You Not Laugh at a Time Like This.” It is a book I am sure you will enjoy because Carla is relatable and she says the things you wished you said.


2 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. Sounds like you already achieved the impossible at least once on Friday, Lana! Wishing you the best as you get through your work week, and fingers are crossed that all goes well in getting the new apartment. Just wondering: Will you have help moving? I sure hope so!

    1. Of course – I cannot move anything without help. 🙂 I can barely carry one box. I got it covered – thank you so much for asking.

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