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Guest Post at Creaky Joints

I am not here today.  I am guest blogging at Creaky Joints. My article is titled “Parenting with Chronic Pain.”

It has been nearly four years since my diagnoses and I have often been asked how it is I manage my role as a parent while I suffer with chronic pain. This is a question that I ask myself almost daily but I know I am not alone here. There are millions of young mothers trying to make sense of motherhood with chronic pain and while the chronic pain and parenting shouldn’t go together, they often do. I used to believe that we were a minority group but it turns out that there are millions of parents out there who live with the reality of chronic pain while they struggle to raise families and to maintain a balance between pain and parenting. READ MORE.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post at Creaky Joints

  1. My RA onset was later in life. My son was 16 when I was diagnosed. I can’t imagine what it would be like dealing with RA while raising small children.

    Kudos and blessings to you, Lana.

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