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What Happened in 2011?

I have been pretty busy in the past few days with work and home life.  I was also working on an article for the Creaky Joints newsletter.  I believe that it will be in the Jan. 3 newsletter but I am waiting for a confirmation on that.  I wrote about being a parent with chronic pain.  I will post a link to the article when it is available.  I have also had some other things going one with looking for a new place and looking for a new daycare.  The kids start at the new daycare at beginning of the New Year but the housing situation is one I need to work on. I have some other things going on but I am getting through them.

2011 was a year of growth for me. I continued to mourn the loss of my brother and with time, I learned to accept that loss.  I learned how important it was to walk away from situations that weren’t good for me and I learned to appreciate every moment with my loved ones.  I learned to talk to others and to get to know them better by actually listening to what they had to say. I learned to love myself and to set my sights high for the things I wanted.  I learned to hold my head high and to not let anyone dictate my happiness.   I learned that regrets were a waste of time and how important it was to show love to those most important to you.

Other things happened to me as well. My marriage was on the rocks and I made some choices to fix that situation. I started a new job, moved, finished my master’s degree and found answers to the financial situation that continued to be a dominating factor in my life.

I came into 2011 feeling empty inside after losing my brother. His memory dominated every aspect of my life in 2011. It taught me so much about myself and about life. In 2011, I lived my life in way I thought my brother would want me too.  In doing that, I found myself happier than I have been in a long time. I learned that happiness was a choice and while times can be hard, we always have a choice how we feel in the scheme of things.

I thought chronic illness and pain had changed me but that was before cancer came into my life and it made me aware of things I never imagined. 2011 was a year of personal growth for me.  I am going into 2012 forever changed but also with a different perspective on life, love, success, and happiness.  I welcome 2012 with open arms and a different perspective that I did when 2011 began. I say, bring it on!


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