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NHBPM Day 12: Teach a Class

Today’s prompt.  Teach a class. What’s something that you’re uniquely great at and could teach a class on? Write the tutorial in a blog post. Bonus points for images, links to resources, and video.

I could teach anything related to law especially for paralegal and legal studies students.  I am definitely a fan of the law but my new passion is real estate law especially the drafting of purchase and lease agreements.  I did not realize how good I was at doing this until I actually had to do it.  I have many years of experience in the legal field and I have drafted documents of all sorts including domestic issues, civil complaints, and estate planning documents and various forms and documents for various courts.  Most likely, I could teach any type of legal writing class.

So, if the class I am teaching involves the drafting of a purchase agreement, here goes for the tutorial.

In order to protect and further client interests when drafting purchase documents, legal professionals must create strong and long lasting agreements that benefits all the parties involved. Further, they must be in compliance with the law. A well structured purchase agreement places an emphasis on clear and unambiguous legal terms and such summarize principal terms that will be included throughout the agreement.  Often, the best approach involves simple language and includes provisions such as assigning contracts and liabilities, buyer and seller representations, conditions, and indemnities to protect all sides after the closing.

Your starting point should be boilerplate language that you would find in all purchase agreements and work from there to prepare a simple agreement.  Such provisions include:

  1.        Term sheet, parties and recitals.
  2.        Purchase and sale of assets.
  3.       Representations and warranties.
  4.       Covenants.
  5.       Conditions present
  6.  Indemnities.

All these have more specific clauses to them but for purposes of this post, I won’t go into the specific portions of the above sections.  The agreement outline outlines the terms and responsibilities of the buyer and seller. It is a contact in which one person makes an offer to buy from the seller that includes a certain price and if the seller accepts the buyer’s offer, a binding agreement is created.  An offer maybe subject to certain conditions, such as being conditional upon the buyer obtaining satisfactory financing or a satisfactory home inspection.  If conditions are satisfied or waived with a specific period, an offer becomes a binding contract and the purchase agreement is prepared. Hence, we work from the boilerplate template that is similar to the outline above.

Now that I bored you the specifics of what I often do at my job that I actually enjoy, I can tell you that I have eleven years of experience in the legal field.  Having that experience, including the ability to research and write, has been a godsend in my life, not only professionally but also personally.

If you could teach a class, what would it be about?

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:


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