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No NHBPM post today. Epidural Steroid Injection Today

I am focusing on not stressing myself out today because my blood pressure has been pretty high up there since the last injection I had done.  Today, the ESI is for the herniated disc and even though I survived the first one, I am still nervous about this one.  On Monday, I ended up in urgent care because I spent most of the weekend with my blood pressure elevated. The doctor in the urgent care didn’t seem to think the ESI had anything to do with it but I beg to differ.  I have done research and I have talked to others who have the procedure done and seems common with the procedure.  Hence, the reason I am concerned about my blood pressure.  If it is already elevated, that might be a problem. However, it doesn’t change the fact that I need the procedure.

My horoscope for this morning was eye opening to say the least.

Your horoscope for November 10, 2011

You, of all people, Lana, will recognize and appreciate the need for structure and stability on a day like this one. Keep in mind, however, that this practical energy may be working to take away some of the fun out of the equation. Though you may not recognize it at first, the fun in your life may get chipped away, little by little, if you are not careful. Make sure you hold tightly to the things that really give you passion and purpose in life. These are the keys to healthy living.

When you feel like crap, you start to wonder whether your life has the passion and purpose you need it too.  Sometimes, I wish that life were easier and that chronic pain wasn’t a part of my life but every day, I focus on being better and getting better.  The word “cure” isn’t part of my vocabulary anymore.  For me, I just want to feel some normalcy but I am not sure that really know what normal is anymore.  For me, waking up one day and feeling physically able to get about my day without RA, fibro or chronic pain getting in the way. Here is the thing, as far as RA and fibro go, my pain is pretty managed.  I am not pain free but I am tolerating what I am dealing with.  However, the herniated discs are an issue and the pain in my lower back has, for the most part, dissipated.  Hopefully, injection two will be as helpful.

The truth is that all these issues, pain and elevated blood pressure, have gotten to me.  With RA and fibro, I have already made changes to my diet but the blood pressure has forced me to make more changes. So, here I am – more changes. Nothing stays the same.


3 thoughts on “No NHBPM post today. Epidural Steroid Injection Today

  1. You know your body and I am glad you did the research. Hoping that this next injection was agreeable with you and your blood pressure and that it will do the trick for you. (((HUGS))). Lately I am having alot of problems with my back and I can’t figure out why. I can only imagine what you are going through and my heart goes out to you.

  2. Sometimes, as hard as it is, change IS positive. I’m so glad, Lana, that your RA and fibro are under better control and that the first injection has given you some relief from that awful lower back pain. Fingers are crossed that today’s shot will be just as–if not more–successful. Anything you can do in the meantime to take better care of yourself can only be good, and will help you through this year of transition and change.

    I’ve been enjoying your NHBPM posts. I’m looking forward to reading more of them this month! Hugs for you–feel well!

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