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NHBPM –Day 2: My TV Show

Today’s NHBPM post involves my blog being turned into a TV show. I am the co-writer on the writing team.   You won’t believe this but I would like Ricki Lake to play me because she is so down to earth compared to other celebrities. I like her because she always manages to triumph despite the obstacles that life has thrown her way.

As for the TV show, it would start out with my childhood and show that even from childhood I was always tough and determined.  It will depict how my health issues started a kid and how long it took to get answers.  Also, it will touch on the some of the personal setbacks I have had that may have set me back but I still found a way to overcome.  Then, there would be my current health issues and how RA and fibromyalgia changed my life.

I am not saying that my blog or my life is interesting but I am glad that I reach so many people. For me, it has always been about reaching just one person so that they could seek answers. I enjoy advocating for arthritis and fibromyalgia but the one thing that I struggle with everyday is wishing that I was strong enough to advocate and fight for people with peritoneal mesothelioma.  For me, even a reminder that peritoneal mesothelioma came into our lives is hardest thing to bear. I used to think to think that I had already been through the worst, but my brother’s illness and death surpass anything to date.

I want to his memory to stay alive because I don’t want to forget that he was here and what an important part of my life he was.  I fought so hard for him but in the end, the cancer won.  I know that what happened was out of my hands but I wish that he had more time with us.  Two months after he fell ill, we lost him.  It still doesn’t make a lot of sense. So, I would want my movie to focus, at least in part, to what I wish would have happened. I am not saying that it would change anything but remember in the final episode of the Roseanne show, it would be like that.

In the season’s final episode, Roseanne reveals that the show is actually written by Roseanne Conner about her life.  She wrote a book after Dan’s heart attack which we find out turned out to be fatal.   It is her way of coping. In reality, Dan had died, the family did not win the lottery, her sister is a lesbian and her mom straight, and Becky and David are together and Mark and Darlene, rather than the opposite.

I know that wishing or wondering doesn’t change anything but I am sure that we have all wondered “what if” something different had happened.  What-ifs kept us sane.

What about you? If someone made a TV show about your life or blog, what would it be about?

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:  


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