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National Health Blog Posting Month

November is National Health Blog Posting Month. Many of you are health bloggers and health activists.  As a result, you are always looking for new topics to blog about and to reach out to your readers. Throughout the month of November, you can provide daily posts to cover  and the people at WEGO Health can help.

If you are up for the challenge, visit the WEGO blog for more information.  Thirty posts in thirty days and even if you can’t do thirty posts, you can still be a part of all the fun. The topics include ideas such as being a patient, bloggers, or even just pondering your own existence. So sign up if you’re interested and the WEGO healthy people will send you details, prompts and the ways you can make the most of the month. Happy blogging!!!

Join starting November 1, 2011 in posting each and every day – about health – to share what makes you a patient advocate, dedicated leader, and all-around awesome empowered person.


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