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Reach Beyond RA

There are so many websites out there about Rheumatoid Arthritis and often times; you need to look through multiple sites to find all the information you need.   Well, that is all about to change.  I was recently contacted about a … Continue reading

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The RA Monster

Rheumatoid arthritis is a pretty terrible monster if you ask me. It takes and demands so much from as it chips away at your confidence and emotional state.  From the moment you are diagnosed, you realize that your entire life … Continue reading

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The Storm Shall Pass

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words to my recent post. Each of you is correct that it will get better and that most of my frustrations are because nothing is changing just yet.  I think that, and … Continue reading

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When life tests us

I am not sure how many times I have already been tested in the last couple years.  I just know that I keep going and I have learned that I can’t just easily give up.  For the most part, I … Continue reading

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Unmeasured Strength by Lauren Manning: Review and Giveaway

The Audio Book It has been ten years since Lauren Manning was nearly burned alive at Ground Zero. She is a survivor of that tragic day and in her new book Unmeasured Strength,” she writes about the events that put … Continue reading

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I am a fighter and survivor

Welcoming the Weekend Despite being a one day shorter week, it seems like it a longer work week than usual.  Needless to say, it has been one of those weeks where the craziness is in full force.  As the end … Continue reading

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My Not So Graceful Moments

  I am clumsy and I have been clumsy for a long time.  This was long before RA and fibromyalgia came into my life.  However, my klutzy moments seem to have gone worse after my diagnoses.  To me, it is … Continue reading

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