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13 Things That Parenting Has Taught Me (And that no textbook could)

I wrote this 13 things post a couple years ago and in anticipation of Mother’s Day, I thought I would share it again with all you.  Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! 

Mother’s Day 2011 – Happy Mother’s Day to my mother who has endured so much especially in the past year. Mom- I know that this mother’s day you are thousands of miles away but I am thinking of you.  I know that I don’t always say this and I know our relationship has had its ups and downs, but you are the best mother anyone could ask for.  This past year has been difficult for you, as it has been for all of us, but I learned so much from you as a result.  You have taught me the importance of patience, strength, and faith and I learned this by watching you endure and prevail.  I am so very proud to call you my mother and my dearest friend. 

13 Things That Parenting Has Taught Me

1. The love of child is the purest kind of love out there.

2. Children know precisely the right moment when to put a smile on your face.

3. It is harder to watch a child fail, than to fail yourself.

4. The years go by faster than you think.

5. You can get more joy out of buying an expensive toy for your child than buying anything for yourself.

6. Money is worthless if you have no one to spend it on, and that children are priceless.

7. It is harder being a child than an adult.

8. It is okay to let them make their own decisions, even though you know they may fail.

9. You should always listen to your heart when it comes to raising your children and to trust their judgment over anyone else’s.

10. That even 9 year old boys can get their hearts broken by 9 year old girls who won’t give them the time of day, and that you have no control over that. (He is 11 now going on 18).

11. That children are full of unpredictable emotions, and you find you are happy when they are happy or unhappy when you see they are sad.

12. That you can be yourself or be silly anytime you want.

13. That a gross dirt, worm-based cake made by your child is far better than any cake made at the finest bakery in town.

What things have you learned from your children?

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