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I am obsessed with CSN stores!

If you have not yet heard of CSN Stores, you are missing out.  They are an online shopping mall of over 200 stores.  I have done review posts for them before and I have ordered their products.  I am a fan of their top notch customer service and I have been happy with every product I have received them to date.

What have I been eying lately at CSN stores? Perhaps a swing set!  Spring is almost here and the kids will be out playing so now is a good time to consider investing in a swing set.  This is a perfect time to find the perfect swing set for your little ones and CSN stores offers a great selection.

You can find some amazingly great deals like this Flexible Flyer Swing N Glide III Gym Set for $149.99.

Or the Flexible Flyer Play-A-Round FUN Swing Set that goes for $199.

At CSN Stores, you will find a variety of swing sets in different sizes and different designs.  I am sure that you will find one that suits your family.   I am also pretty sure that once you become a CSN Stores customer, you will not shop any other online retailer.  Visit CSN Stores today to see all the great products they have.


2 thoughts on “I am obsessed with CSN stores!

  1. Lana, it’s nice to have a reliable place to order things from and know they’ll arrive in good shape, on time, without any hassle. That said, might I make a swing-set recommendation? The type you have pictured don’t stand up a long time to the use kids will give a swingset; by the time kids are 10-11, they’re too big for those. It’s well worth the extra money to get a good, solid wooden playset that can be used for years – we’ve discovered that teens still like to swing, and even adults will occasionally use ours. Hardware stores sometimes have kits, and you can hire someone to assemble it if that’s not something you can do yourself. Just my $.02.

    1. You are correct. CSN stores have a huge collection including wood sets, metal ones, and plastics. It depends what a person is looking for. I was trying to show how low they start out.

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