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Guest Post by Dee of Livin’ Life in 3Dee

New Years Resolutions

By Dee of Livin’ Life in 3Dee

Each New Year’s Eve, people around the world begin finalizing their list of “resolutions”. Things they hope to accomplish in the New Year. Items on the list can range from ‘losing 10 pounds’ to ‘spending the summer as a missionary in South Africa’.

Each person has their own particular list that they would like to accomplish. The problem comes when an individual adds unreasonable or unattainable items to the list. Ideas that may be well meaning and seem “doable”, can quickly become a reminder that you have failed to achieve it once again.

In preparing your personal list of New Year’s resolutions you need to be reasonable and realistic. Face it, chances are that you will not lose 80 pounds by March. Not without some surgical help, anyway. Instead, focus on an amount that is truly possible and go from there.

“I will lose 20 pounds by March and another 60 by the end of the summer.” While this may not have the flare that the other resolution does, it is something that you can realistically achieve.

Try setting goals that you hope to accomplish throughout the year. For example: “I will take a vacation by June.” Or “I will have started writing that novel by September”. Doing this will give you goals & (possible) accomplishments to look forward to all year long.

Be sure to tailor your resolutions to fit you and your life. Just because everyone else has “lose weight” on their to-do list, does not mean that it is something you absolutely must add to yours. Unless it is a goal that you truly want to accomplish, you will likely not put much effort into it.

Set realistic goals. Make sure they are ones that you honestly want to reach. Then give it your all!


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