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I need a break from this reality

I can’t even seem to get into the Christmas spirit this year for reasons that I have no control of.  In addition, it is a busy time of the year at the office so my mind is completely fuzzy with too much legal terminology that sometimes I wish would stay out my dreams.

Maybe I should take a vacation?

How about some place warm?

Or some place cold?

Considering how cold it has been and that we are still thawing out in the Northeast, not a good idea.  (Dee, stop your snickering or I might send you snow for your Christmas present.)

You know what I will do?

I will go online to CSN stores website and take a look at bedroom furniture.  See, last month we had a waterbed incident so I gave my husband a choice, either he went or the waterbed went.  Considering how cold it is here, it is a good thing he chose to get rid of the waterbed.  That means that we need a new bedroom set because the guest bedroom set is okay, but it is the guest bedroom set – you get my point, right?  It is also a queen size and my husband has issues with queen size beds.  It doesn’t really help that he hogs up the bed so then, I got issues.

Whether you are looking for bedroom furniture, dinning room furniture, or living room furniture, CSN Stores has more to choose from than any local store.  Besides, it is cold outside – going online is much warmer and you can take your hot chocolate with you.

Delivery is free in most cases and right now, if you shop online, any product marked “arrive by Christmas” will arrive in time for Christmas and all your purchases include an extended holiday return policy through January 31, 2011.

My vacation starts December 24 and goes through the beginning of the year.   Maybe, I will sleep for a week on that new bed I plan on buying. Maybe, I will buy a queen so I don’t have to share.

Happy holidays and happy shopping days!


One thought on “I need a break from this reality

  1. I vote for going some place warm … not visiting, moving! Winters used to be mild here, after they started talking about global warming, this is our third harsh winter in a row. Sleet/freezing rain in the forecast tonight, and winter hasn’t even officially started!!

    Four weeks ago, while riding, I ran across a guy from Canada who brought his motorcycle down here to ride. I thought to myself, thats crazy. Driving 30 hours one way to ride four days and then drive back. If Mexico was stable, I’d drive down there to ride four days in a heartbeat now.

    A week of sleep sounds good. Happy Holidays.

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