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I have not blogged a lot lately.  One, because I am busy; two, because I am not really up for it, and three, because I am trying to feel better.  It seems like the same cycle repeatedly.  Flare-ups come, flare-ups go, and my life lacks any predictability.  It doesn’t make for a stable situation.  Many of us go through this vicious cycle.  There are no right or wrong answers, and often times, there are not any answers.  If anything, we just want a sense of normality in our lives as if it is even possible. 
Thinking about my biggest accomplishments
Anyone who knows me knows that as accomplished as I am or I will ever get, my biggest accomplishment is my children.  Sometimes, they drive me up the wall and make me overwhelmed when I am already stressed out but my kids are everything that I am and that I will ever be.  Being sick all the time doesn’t give me room to be the best parent that I can but it is not an excuse either. The week has been challenging to say the least.  Between my job, my responsibilities at home, but it seems like no matter how much life weighs me down, nothing is as important as my kids and I refuse to put anything else above that.  I have been an achiever, a survivor and mother and nothing I have ever done in my life is as important as being a mother.  Being a mother keeps me sane when it feels likes RA and Fibromyalgia are winning.
There have been changes at my job including two new people to assist.  At first, I was overwhelmed with the situation, but when the realization hit me that I no longer have to deal with the reason I was looking for a new job in the first place, I felt a sense of relief.  Everyone in life changes and nothing ever stays the same.  Having RA and fibromyalgia, you would think I would have figured that out but like anything else, it is a learning process.  The other thing is I am a patient person, and the best things come to those who wait.
La-La Land
Sometimes, I just want to wake up from the reality that is my life and other times, I wish I was in La-La land, but I do not have either option.   I guess if I would just stop generalizing everything, then maybe, I would get more sleep.   Analytical or Type A with RA – not a great combination but it is the life I have been given and I have learned to accept it one day at a time.  
Well if anyone with RA finds the answer to living successfully and normally with unpredictability in your life, can you pass the secret along?  Otherwise, I will continue watching my House marathon.  Well, where did you think all this generalization was coming from?
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3 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. You said it, girl. Loving on those precious angels of yours and putting them first is an incredible accomplishment. I'm so glad I have children because it forces me to constantly meet the needs of others. Helps to take the focus off of me and my misbehaving body and pour into wonderful little beings.

  2. My daughter Addy is my foundation. Her little smile and laugh takes my pain away in an instant. She is what is best in my world. I take her periods of 6 year old drama with a grain of salt, a lemon wedge, and a shot of Don Julio. Hang in there chica and send some of that spontaneity, chaos, and unpredictabilty my way. I need some.

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