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Overwhelmed, Overworked, and Underpaid

I finally had an opportunity to catch up on reading blogs I had not read in weeks.   The last few weeks have been really busy with twists and turns in every direction.  I am currently trying to find a buyer for that property that has given me a stress induced headache everyday for the past three years.  I am refusing to rent it out and insisting it gets sold with my husband disagreeing.  Imagine your kids begging you for a pet and promising to take care of it. It works out fine at first but after some time passes, you are up at 5 a.m. every morning walking the dog.  It is kind of like that so either my husband takes care of his pet or it is getting sold to the highest bidder.
In other news, my toddler’s birthday was Sunday and he turned two.  I took him on a scenic train ride on Saturday as an early birthday present and he has not stopped talking about the train ride.  It is really nice when they are little and it does not take much to impress them.  Wait until they are say, ten years old, and are demanding they get their way, then they stop being cute.   Yes, welcome to my world.
This first photo is the train pulling in.
This photo is of the original train station in Peninsula, Ohio.
My kids walking towards a lonely caboose. 
So my kids had a great time and my toddler loved his birthday surprise.  You know – little boys and their toys.  I think men and their toys are even worse.
Right now, I am fighting the remnants of a flu, this after dealing with a week of joint pain. (Anyone own an island in the middle of nowhere I can stay at for a few weeks?) You want to know what is impressive. I dragged myself into work everyday for the last two weeks with really bad joint pain and now the flu – okay, well it is not that impressive.  I think my coworkers wish I just stayed home.  Truly, I would rather be in bed sleeping but I know that that is not an option.  Besides, my reward for being such a hard worker was more work.   Not a raise or a bonus or a promotion, but more work.  I got a third person to work for and another person to treat me like a messenger, message taker, time creator/maker, deadline locater, stand over my shoulder, etc. – what a job!
I saw my rheumatologist on Monday and she changed my fibromyalgia medication to once per day instead of two.  Watch the damn fibro pain return.  Those of who suffer from chronic conditions know when things are too good to be true, but my goal is to be medication free from the fibromyalgia as scary as it may sound.   I also plan on reducing my medication for RA, but that is something that is a long ways down the road. It is like my plan to go to law school.  It may happen or may not.  That all depends on the twists and turns that life throws at me.
Well right now, it is back to old grind.  Hopefully, I do not nod off on my desk.  With a stuffy nose, I will be snoring

7 thoughts on “Overwhelmed, Overworked, and Underpaid

  1. I love that you did the train thing. I bet the kids enjoyed it a lot! If hubby does not take care of the white elephant he bought…sell it to the circus, girl!Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, and I hope you're feeling well soon.The trip to see trains with your boys sounds like lots of fun 🙂 The property hassles, not so much.Hang in there!

  3. I guess you're right about men and their toys … I love trains too but Donna won't let me get one. It wouldn't fit in the shop even though I did just sell one of my motorcycles. It's hard enough just getting up and going to a job with RA, let alone when you are sick. I don't know how you have done it for 2 weeks. Good news on reducing your meds, I hope you may meet your goal soon.

  4. Phoenix: The White Elephant is going. I just hope it is not too late. And my kids had a ball.WarmSocks: Still battling the bug. Thanks.Cathy: Thanks. My life is always stressful. Something I have gotten accustomed to. Terry: I can imagine you begging your wife for a train set. I am sure you have a scenic train ride near you. Reducing my medications is a great goal if my doctor shared the same view I do on looking at natural methods of healing but her tone is hesitant so I do not think she and I share the same view. The weekend is near and I can work on feeling better.Rachel – I generally am hesitant about posting my kids pics up on the internet but it is a work in progress plus my older one gained a lot of weight when he broke his leg (it was in a air cast for nearly two months) and he is really shy about it. The good news is he is back on his bike which means he will be able to get the weight off.

  5. We took the train too when our kids were little. Very cool. We also have a property that we can't unload going on three yrs now. Ughhhh it's very frustrating isn't it???????? We had to rent it and one renter left us with a LOT of headaches, unpaid bills and a win in court that we'll never collect on because that's just the way it goes. Let's all pray for a better market soon.

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