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The RA Communication Kit

I recently received a “Let’s Talk RA” communication kit from the Arthritis Foundation. First, I would like to point out the importance of communication with your doctor towards managing your rheumatoid arthritis. Let’s Talk RA offers an opportunity to the take the first step in learning to discuss your healthcare options with your doctor. The kit is free and it provides a lot of great important information essential for successful management of RA.

The communication kit offers four great resources: (1) a communication guide that offers advice on how to make the most of your appointment with your doctor; (2) a healthcare assessment so that you can share your responses with your doctor at your next appointment; (3) a survey that allows the Arthritis Foundation an opportunity to see the helpfulness of this kit and so that they work towards other successful resources to help patients in RA management; and (4) information from the Arthritis Foundation and Bristol Myers Squibb about other resources and information they provide.

Personally, I think that this a great tool essentially for those who have a hard time communicating with their doctors on they are feeling and the concerns they may have about their treatment and healthcare. My favorite piece of this kit was the patient notebook, because it allows you a small, handy place to all your questions and your doctor’s responses to those so that you can look at that in preparation for your next appointment. These is so much information out there and it really helps and makes sense to have to break all that information down and to just look at the most vital information that you need to better manage your care.


3 thoughts on “The RA Communication Kit

  1. I can see where this would have helped me when I was diagnosed. Hopefully newly diagnosed patients will be better informed than I was. Like other RA tools, I had no knowledge of it (if it was out there 7 years ago).

  2. Thank you for imparting this information as the RA communication kit will be a great tool for people like me who have arthritis knee pain but are not conversant or cannot quite express what I am feeling with my medical consultant. I sometimes feel awkward telling my doctor what I am experiencing because I do not have the right words to describe it because I do not want to remember the excruciating pain. The kit will certainly help me to have a better conversation with my doctor, and help me remember the tips that and conditions that he said. I just hope that my writing is eligible for him to understand.

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