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When Mommy or Daddy Gets Sick

Dr. Gary McClain is the man behind, a website for those who have been diagnosed with chronic and catastrophic medical conditions, their caregivers and loved ones. He has recently started a role with Arthritis Connect and Alliance Health where … Continue reading

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The Greatest Man I Ever Knew

Two important dates came and went in my life recently and they passed me by without a thought. What this tells me is that I am finally letting go of someone that I held onto for nearly fifteen years. August … Continue reading

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Parenting and Chronic Pain

When I check the searches to my site, this one stands out: How Can I be a Good Mother When I Suffer from Chronic Pain? This is a question that I ask myself almost daily but I realize that I … Continue reading

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Overwhelmed, Overworked, and Underpaid

I finally had an opportunity to catch up on reading blogs I had not read in weeks.   The last few weeks have been really busy with twists and turns in every direction.  I am currently trying to find a buyer … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Delicate Balance: Living Successfully With Chronic Illness

“Living successfully with chronic illness takes patience, humor, knowledge, support and time.” I could have written those words but they are not my words. These words are written by Susan Milstey Wells who is a chronic illness sufferer as am … Continue reading

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Weakness vs. Strength defines “weakness” as a “state or quality of being weak; lack of strength, firmness or vigor, or the like; feebleness.” It also refers to weakness as “inadequate or defective,” in terms of “a person’s character.” The definition of “strength,” … Continue reading

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The RA Communication Kit

I recently received a “Let’s Talk RA” communication kit from the Arthritis Foundation. First, I would like to point out the importance of communication with your doctor towards managing your rheumatoid arthritis. Let’s Talk RA offers an opportunity to the … Continue reading

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