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Writer’s Block

A meaningful post would be nice but I don’t have that to offer. Actually, it seems that I have writer’s block and while I have some ideas, I can’t seem to get the mind juices flowing. One problem might be that I do not have my laptop. It is with Best Buy’s Geek Squad getting repaired because my toddler decided it would be fun to start pulling keys off the keyboard. That is why I always get a warranty. The laptop I am using is pretty old and belongs to my ten year old and because I am so used to mine, I am not in not in my comfort zone.

Speaking of my toddler, he is gong through the terrible twos and wearing me down. I wake up to things crashing and doors slamming because my toddler is getting really terrible. I am not getting enough sleep because I am afraid he is going to do something crazy in the middle of night. He throws things, breaks things, and throws tantrums. It is very overwhelming when your life is crazy busy. I don’t remember my older one being this terrible.

I finished up my Local and State Government course and my final paper. I am still maintaining my 4.0. It helps that I have no math courses; that is one of the reasons I went into law – I am not good with numbers. Three more courses (next one starts on the 24th) and then, my thesis. By March, I will have my master’s degree but the current job market is discouraging. I have looked into other positions but the market isn’t helping. It was nice when people were hiring left and right but now that jobs are scarce, employers only care about the bottom line.

School shopping is complete and my ten year old starts school on August 25. My baby brother heads off to college this coming Friday to move into his dorm. Would you believe as happy as I am for him, I am sad. In eight years, I will be sending my ten year old off to college and realizing how fast the time goes.

There is a House marathon on the USA channel (on my DVR) which works for me. Did you know that House is somewhat of a crossover to Sherlock Holmes? In fact, there are many resemblances including House being an insane deductive genius. Like Sherlock Holmes who was addicted to his pipe, House is addicted pain medications, hates personal contact, plays a musical instrument, and his address is 221B. House’s only friend is Wilson, an adaptation of Watson. Watson does not condemn Holmes’ willingness to get the truth or break the law where he feels it is morally justifiable just like Dr. House and Dr. Wilson. Gotta love those made geniuses. I bet Dr. House would not have taken ten years to diagnose me.

I have an addiction with dramas that involve mysteries and geniuses: NCIS, Grey’s, House, Doctor Who, Torchwood, and even Desperate Housewives.

RA and FMS symptoms are not as bad these days but summer is usually kinder when comes to my symptoms. I am thinking of moving somewhere warm so that I have more good days but stress is also a factor and when you have a Type A personality, there is no escaping stress.

Well then, the writer’s block is back so that means it is time to hit the publish button. Hopefully, the idea juices will start flowing soon.


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. *sucks about your computer. At least you have a question mark. ;)*Writer's block is the pits. I sent you a request to write at a site.*What;s with the "terrible twos"? Three is SO MUCH WORSE*4.0??? And you speak to me??? Weird.*I love you, just cuz I do.

  2. OH NO!!! Pulled the keys off, yikes! Good for you with the warranty! And I'm finally announcing a little "announcement" on my blog. SO now I ask a question—does FMS really go away when pregnant??? Oh I hope so!! It would be so nice to have a pain free winter (and it's crazy that preggo pains don't even hold a candle to FMS pains!).

  3. Time goes by so fast. Just enjoy the short time you have with your kids, they are grown and gone before you know it.FX was running a Sons of Anarchy marathon last night. I sat up til 3 am this morning. Good thing I didn't have to go to work today.

  4. Dee -Gotta love having a toddler around. Yesterday morning, he dumped a bottle of shampoo on his bed while I was sound asleep. I was cleaning shampoo out of a mattress at 7 am wondering when those terrible twos will be over with. You have to give yourself more credit. I read your articles at helium – you are an amazing writer. In my case – I need a personal editor. ;(‘Rachel – Congrats! I will do some research and answer your question. A pain free winter would be nice for both of us, but I am not planning to add anymore babies especially considering with what I am currently dealing with. Terry- You is absolutely right. I remember when I brought my ten year old home from the hospital and now, I look at him and I see this amazing young man. And that terrible toddler, it was like yesterday that I was pregnant with him. I have not heard of the “Sons of Anarchy.” I would check it out but with my already busy life and the all the shows I already follow, the only thing I would get is less sleep. 😉

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