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Versatile Blogger Award

This award came to me from Maya over at Loving With Chronic Illness. Thank you so much Maya. You are truly inspirational, being ill and yet, always managing to give back. You are to be admired. My award will be displayed with all the other awards under the Award tab. Again, thank you Maya.

In order to accept the award, there are three things you must do:

Step 1: Recognize the person or people who gave you this award

I didn’t find Maya’s blog; she found me. Since the day I starting reading her blog, I realized how much she amazed me. She is study studying social work and living with Spondylitis. Her blog is simply as it is titled: living and loving with chronic illness. She talks about her diagnosis, her struggles, and her love life with spondylitis in her life. Despite dealing with her diagnosis and being a student, she always has time to give a helping hand through her volunteer efforts. You are amazing person with an amazing spirit.

Step 2: Share Seven Things about Yourself:

1. I am a crier. Everything makes me cry even commercials. My husband has banned me from watching the news because it does not take much for to start crying for complete strangers. I cry with I am sad and I cry when I am happy.

2. I was Student Government President in college and I really hate politics.

3. I hate people who are full of themselves and I usually let them know. It usually gets me in trouble but I refuse to sugarcoat to impress people.

4. I have three phobias: fear of closed/tight spaces, heights, and failure.

5. I am a romantic and my husband isn’t. I love to laugh and my husband has no sense of humor. I love him anyway.

6. Even though I give off a persona that I am strong, I am as weak as they come.

7. Sometimes, I am envious and jealous and I hate that about myself. Nothing is ever good enough for me.

Step 3: Pass the award onto “15” bloggers whom you have recently discovered and think are fantastic! I am changing this to”5” and the rest of you can do the same if you like.

(1) Kelli at Rheum for God:

I don’t know how you do it raising four boys and dealing with RA in your life but you are amazing.

(2) Jennifer at the Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness

Jennifer, a lawyer, suffers from Crohn’s disease and gastroparesis and still manages to give back.

(3) PMT at Flare and Back Again

She is a 32-year-old mother of three children, married and a teacher by profession. She has RA and working towards a natural way of healing.

(4) Wonky Warrior at My body might be wonky but that’s not the most interesting thing about me

Wonky Warrior lives in the UK, has RA and manages to find humor despite autoimmune disease.

(5) Michelle at The life and times of a girl with RA MCTD

Michelle has RA but she does not let it define her.


One thought on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thanks, Lana. It's the little things that can make my day–like getting an award from my sister–the awesome blogger. Whenever I've had a bad day, I always enjoy hopping around your blog. I always learn something new about you, another blogger or my disease. Glad to hear that your symptoms are not as bad since it's summer. This is the first Texas summer I have enjoyed. My husband is sweating two seconds after we step outside into the hot, hot air. But I'm always like, "aaahhhhh…." I am not looking forward to cold, creaking winter.

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