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Mom! Mommy! Mom! Mom! Mom! *tap on Shoulder* Mom! Mom! Mommy!! Welcome to my world!

It seems like this is all I hear these days. In the last few days, my life has been bombarded with school shopping, a broken washer, two ten year old boys, and a toddler going through the terrible twos who wants to be potty trained. Yesterday, it was a nightmare fibro headache that luckily lasted only 36 hours. Sometimes, I find that my life hits those high stress points where the end does not seem anywhere in sight. Meanwhile, add an overgrown baby of a husband to all that and you have a mom on the edge. And I am not smiling like the image in the photo either. In fact, I am pouting!

When I turn on the television, I pout some more. My working mom image is nothing like those on the telly (Aye! I love British TV). Mine is based on messes, a lack of organization, and the inability to not let the stress consume me. I am not Clare Huxtable; I am more like Roseanne.

Meredith Baxter was the first TV working mom and that woman had her act together. She was an architect with three children on Family Tries. When the Cosby show came on, we started to see the image of this working mother who had traditional family values. Clare Huxtable was an attorney who shared her motherly responsibilities with her obstetrician husband Heathcliff. Still nothing I can compare myself too. Roseanne came on and showed what it is was like to struggle and be apart of the working class. Roseanne and Dan fought, worried about money, and had less than perfect children. There we go…a perfect comparison.

As far single mothers went, Murphy Brown and Grace Under Fire left an impression on us. Murphy Brown was criticized by then vice-president Dan Quayle for getting pregnant and raising the baby on her own. Grace divorced her white trash husband, got off welfare, and landed a job at an oil plant. There have not since been any other shows on TV that actually depict the financial, physical and emotional struggles of single moms like Grace Under Fire did.

Judging Amy is more with the times showing a recently divorced attorney who moves with her young daughter to her hometown to live with her own mother, work as a local judge, and struggle with her roles as a mother, daughter, and professional. My favorite mom of all time is Lois from Malcolm in the Middle. She is overworked and underappreciated. Sound familiar? I think most working mothers today fall in that category. Lois works as a store clerk, seems to be the leader in her household of four rowdy and unruly boys, and she is married to a husband who has little or no control. Yes, the story of my life!!! Finally, someone gets it!

I am not sure that TV really portrays real life but it gives us an idea that we are not the only ones who do not share meals or that our kids are not the only ones throwing food across the table and even that our homes are not the only ones that are not as neat as a pin. There is no way that I would wish that my children were robots or that my life was any different, but sometimes, I just need a reality check especially from: Mom! Mommy! Mom! Mom! Mom! *tap on Shoulder* Mom! Mom! Mommy!!!


4 thoughts on “Mom! Mommy! Mom! Mom! Mom! *tap on Shoulder* Mom! Mom! Mommy!! Welcome to my world!

  1. I agree that TV does not depict "real life" as far as parenting goes. Roseanne and Grace came closer than most, to me.The "mommy, mommy, mom" does get old sometimes. I used to threaten to change my name. LOL

  2. LOL! I had to laugh when you mentioned Roseanne! I compare myself to a cross between her and the mom from the Gilmore Girls, lol.

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