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Two CSN Stores products to make life with arthritic hands easier to bear

The generous folks at CSN stores sent me two products to test and write a review about. The two products they sent are helpful to those with weak or arthritic hands. As a person who deals with the daily reminder of rheumatoid arthritis and painful hands, I am always looking for ways to make my life with RA easier. In particular, I have a passion for cooking (even though it may seem like I am consumed with my job, family and education) so it makes sense that working in the kitchen is not painful.

The two products I received from CSN stores are the Black & Decker Grand Openings Can Open and the WMF Profi Plus Lid Gripper. They become useful to me right away, and thus, they became a Godsend to my arthritic hands.

Black & Decker Grand Openings Can Opener

This can opener was very easy install and use. Even my four year old nephew was able to open cans with it. That is how easy it was to use. Its use resulted in no stress on my hands and I was able to open cans with little effort. It is different from other electric can openers because it opens bigger and taller cans and most others do not. In addition, it has a power piece cutter and automatic shut-off for smooth cutting. The blade is removable and replaceable. You can hide away the cord for easy storage. The Black & Decker Grand Openings Can Open also offers a built-in knife sharpener and bottle opener so it is a 3 in 1. At $19.95, it is 25% off the regular price and is reasonably priced considering all its great features.

WMF Profi Plus Lid Gripper

I have several different types of lid grippers that come in a variety of sizes taking up closet space in my kitchen because none adjust and they are not as good at gripping as they advertise. What is unique about this gripper is the balance it offers because of the way it grips. For those with weak and arthritic hands, this means you can use a weaker grip without pain. It offers an adjuster so you can get rid of all the other plastic or metal grippers you own that are cheaply made. Its cylindrical handle is heavy duty and offers a hanging loop for easy storage on a utensil hook or hanging. It is durable so you do not have to worry about it falling apart when opening a bigger jar or a difficult lid and it is easy to clean. It is currently $35.oo and the last lid gripper I will ever buy so the savings of this product has already started. In addition, all the grippers I own altogether total about five times as much and do nothing but take up space and hurt my hands and wrists when I use them and on days where my hands feel both weak and painful, they are useless. (In addition, if my husband is being useless, then I am stuck banging jars to get them open.)

Some Tidbits on CSN Stores

CSN stores are an online retailed based out of Boston, Massachusetts that started out in 2002. Since then, they are over 200 online stores, including their lighting store, which offers a variety of ceiling and fan lighting, wall lights, lamps, track lighting, and lighting accessories. You never find this many brands of lighting in one place unless you visit CSN Lighting. The site also offers some great selections, including their “Go Green,” “Clearance Center,” “Special Savings,” and “Request a Quote” options. You always have the price narrowing option if you have a particular price range in mind or a brand option if you have specific brand in mind. All of their 200+ online stores are set up this way so you will always find what you are looking for and at a price you can afford.

An Advantage

The biggest advantage to buying from CSN Stores is that you will not have to deal with annoying sales people who to try to get you to buy something without letting you look around in order to get rid of you. Have you ever left your local furniture store wondering whether you had an opportunity to fully explore your options and price ranges? (Yup, that feeling really sucks.) In addition, at CSN Stores, anything over $69.00 is shipped free and they ship within United States and Canada. Think about what local stores charge you for delivery. The last time I bought furniture, it cost $75.00 for delivery from a warehouse that was less than a mile from my home.

Check out CSN stores for yourself so that you can check out satisfied and the visions of rude sales people and high delivery costs will be a forgotten memory (the best kind of amnesia you will ever have).

* * *
I also have a giveaway post up at my review blog where CSN stores is giving away a Ginsu Bakelite 5 Piece Prep Cutlery Set .

I was not paid for this review. CSN Stores sent me the two products for review. The opinions expressed belong entirely to me. Thank you CSN Stores for allowing me the opportunity to review your products.


3 thoughts on “Two CSN Stores products to make life with arthritic hands easier to bear

  1. Anything that makes a day in our lives better, esier or more worthwhile, I am all for it. Thank you for the info. Tazzy

  2. The special things can make changes in every bodies life.. Thanks for your great blog. You gave a better info about Black & Decker Grand Openings Can Opener and WMF Profi Plus Lid Gripper… It is very usable for the people’s life. Very good information and nice blog..

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