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Finding Aventine Hill Has Changed Me

Commercial soap bars are bad for skin because commercial manufacturers extract glycerin from soap (that is the stuff that moisturizes skin and gives it a healthy glow and skin) and replace it with other detergents and chemicals. They add the glycerin to other products so you end up having to buy additional products in order for your skin to feel soft. You have to use lotions or other moisturizers within 30 minutes of bathing or you risk having dry and itchy skin. Don’t you just love capitalism?

This was all new to me but I did some research after receiving some bath salts and soap from Sheila at Aventine Hill Bath Emporium. Soap should maintain its natural glycerin and nothing should be removed from it. With natural glycerin, you can even use it to clean your hair and with no chemicals or detergents, your hair feels clean, oil free and it does not leave dry, flakey, itchy or burning in your scalp. Mother Nature is always better for you, and if I had not tried this out for myself, I would not be a believer.

I received Sheila’s Rosemary Mint handcrafted soap on Thursday. I used it Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. After my first use on Friday, I told my sister that my skin felt absolutely amazing and clean with no yucky residue like commercial products cause. No itchiness and no dryness. I don’t ever recall my skin feeling like this “normal.” So, I used it again on Saturday and Sunday, and I told my sister that she, too, had try to it. Now, she is a believer.

Think about this: the next you are walking down the soap aisle at your favorite store, pay some attention to all those soaps in the bright colorful packaging. Look at their labels. Most of them to do not even use the word “soap” on those labels. In fact, many are called “beauty bars” or “moisturizing bars.” They are not called “soap” and that is because, they are not really soap and legally, they cannot even claim that. Not only are they bad for your skin, they are bad for the planet. They contain chemicals and artificial colors. Antibacterial soaps, for example, contain triclosan, a toxic chemical known to cause cancer. Our skin absorbs whatever it comes in contact with and with a high accumulation of toxins, illness happens. As for the environment, there have been studies that have found that toxins that come from body washes, shampoos, and other healthcare products seep into our drinking water. (Yuck!!!)

Organic, natural and homemade soaps are a much better alternative. Yes, they do cost more than those detergent bars you pick up form your supermarket or local discount store, but the difference is, they are good for your skin and good for the planet. Don’t forget the money you will be saving when you are not buying lotions and moisturizers. Just like with commercially manufactured bars, read the labels. You want to buy soaps that use only pure, organic oils or fats. Avoid those that use artificial colors and fragrances because those would be synthetic chemicals. For scent and color, look for those that use organic essential oils and natural organic colors.

So, do yourself and the world a big favor and start using REAL soap. If it was not for Sheila, I would not be a believer. In the past, when I hear about natural products, I was hesitant because of the price, but after trying Aventine Hill’s Rosemary Mint handcrafted soap, I believe that her soap is worth every penny. Aventine Hill also offers a wide variety of bath salts, facial masks, lotions and more. All their products are made with ONLY certified organic materials. Their Dead Sea Salts are 100% prue and only from the ACTUAL Dead Sea in Israel (Which by the way, I have personally visited so I know first hand the benefits the Dead Sea has to offer).

Sheila was also kind enough to send me some “Sore Muscles Bath Salts” which because I am still hyped up about the soap, I almost forget to mention. These salts are made of 100% pure Dead Sea salts from Israel and Yogurt Powder. The last week or so has been really busy and tiring for me and my joints were aching, and in particular, my ankles. I finally had an opportunity to bathe in those amazing salts and I did not want to get out of the bath. My ankles started to see some relief and my bath time was very tranquil for the first time a long time.

Our bodies are taxed by the toxins that we unknowingly put in our bodies. We are slowly killing ourselves without even realizing it. My body is worn out by the reminder of rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and after two years of dealing with this disease, I am starting to see clearly what these toxins are doing to our bodies. I have started to make changes and have done research on how those changes can happen. It is simple things like using products that are all natural and eating products that are hormone free. Now that I have tried organic and all natural skin care products, I cannot imagine going back to those commercial products. I did not expect to notice a difference in the way that my skin felt five minutes after I walked out of the shower but it is not something I took for granted. It was noticeable right away.

Aventine Hill Links:
Make sure you check out Sheila’s Wellness blog where she discusses her products and the benefits of all natural and organic.
You can purchase a variety of products from Aventine Hill.
Check out the ingredients page for Aventine Hills. It is a must see.

In case you were wondering, Aventine Hill is one of the seven hills on which ancient Rome was built. It is also the site of the Temple of Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom who was the virgin goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic, and the inventor of music. Aventine was also a meeting place for many great minds, including skilled artisans, actors and writers.

Aventine Hill Bath Emporium came out of Sheila and her family’s love for nature and a need for natural and organic skin care products. What a great idea and unless you check it out for yourself, you will never know the benefits of using all natural and organic skin products over commercial brands. I forgot to mention that Aventine Hill’s products are not tested on animals.

Can you tell which is the commercial brand over the natural organic one?

I was not paid for this review. Aventine Hill sent me some samples to review. The opinions expressed belong entirely to me. Thank you Aventine Hills for allowing the opportunity to review your products.


5 thoughts on “Finding Aventine Hill Has Changed Me

  1. Well, you are most welcome, and I'm so glad they helped you! I'm astounded by what is in commercial soaps. I'll just add to anyone reading…check labels. If you see anything that lists 'parabens' or any color that has number (blue #6, etc) after it? Put it back on the shelf. It's no good for you or your skin.Thanks for the wonderful compliments! :o)

  2. I had no idea. I just thought soap was soap, I should have known better. I use antibacterial soap at the house. Guess we have to die of something, just never thought about it being antibacterial soap!

  3. You are so right! Our skin is considered our largest organ and adding soaps, moisturizers, sunscreens and makeups with high levels of toxins is dangerous to our whole body and the environment. Have you ever checked out They rate things put on the skin by the amount of toxins to your body and environment.I have a friend that makes soap and I'm also a big Dr Bronners fan! Great post!

  4. Thank you Sheila. If you recall, I did not ask you to review the soap. I asked about the bath salts. I am so glad you recommended it and sent me the rosemary mint soap. I knew nothing about commercial soaps until after I tried the soap and it occurred to me that something did not make sense about other skin products I had in my bathroom so I did some research. When I say my skin felt “normal” or human even, it was an absolute shock.I thought “soap was soap” too Terry. I am going to stop buying all that crap in my bathroom and just buy natural soaps, shampoos and skin care products. I honestly was surprised at the feel of my skin. It was a shock to my system when I noticed that my skin felt “normal.” And with the heat and the RA doing a number on my skin, I really needed this. (Now, if I could only get my red itchy eyes to cooperate.) And I am going to stop buying the antibacterial and dump out what I have.Absolutely Cathy. I will check out that website and I am also going to start researching so all natural make up products.

  5. For your itchy red eyes, you should stop in a health food place like Hobarts. I bet they have something natural so it wouldn't interfere with any meds you might be on. I know they have a great natural pill for sinus pressure (I use those now and again). So I'm sure they have something good for itchy eyes.

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