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Healthy? – I am working on it

A week ago I noted that I was focusing on eating healthier and getting my family to eat healthy and I have been working towards that for an about a month now actually. I also stopped bringing soda drinks and juice into the house because empty calories are pointless. I have cut down on coffee and I am working toward quitting that as well. At home, I am preparing healthier meals and we are eating out less.

One of my main considerations when I decided to change my diet and my family’s was my RA symptoms. I noticed my RA symptoms were improving prior to the diet change due to a balance in my medications. I am currently on Plaquenil(Hydroxychloroquine) 2x daily Sulfazine EC (sulfasalazine)2x daily and Humira (adalimumab) injection – one every other week for my RA and Lyrica 2x daily for my Fibromyalgia. When I noticed the decrease in symptoms, I knew that I could do better so I decided my diet needed a makeover.

In recent months, mostly because of advocacy work at Arthritis Connect, I have done a lot of research on exercise, diet, and treatment plans so my mind is lingering with information. However, I have a busy life and planning meals, dieting, and finding time to exercise really don’t fit into my schedule. But I believe, there is always a way to achieve goals if you are creative. It is not really complex to change the foods you are bringing home. After all, you are still taking a trip to the grocery store.

Well, the change in food choices has made a difference and offered an ever bigger difference in my symptoms. I have seen more pain free days in the last two months than I have seen since being diagnosed. I also just finished up my latest master’s degree course and I am free until June 9. I am, however, cleaning my carpets this weekend. I have guests coming over for the holiday and it is a task that is long overdue. With the carpet cleaning, cooking and additional cleaning, and guests, I am sure to crash, but the good news, I know what to expect and I have finally learned how to work around that. The only thing I will be doing Saturday is cleaning carpets because the rest of the tasks are a work in progress. In other words, I will pace myself with smaller tasks and shorter periods.  (I also have to catch up on NCIS and 24 because I have episodes waiting on my DVR.)

In other news . . .

We did get to see the Shrek movie over the weekend in 3D, so if you have been contemplating watching it, it is worth the cost. The 3D movie is about $5 more than the 2D one, but if you can, pay the extra money.

This morning, I watched my ten year old skipping and cheering quietly “Eight more days until the last day of school.” (Ten year old boys are an interesting breed.) I remembered my previous post about the home I grew up in and I sighed. As much as it saddens me that they growing up so fast, I welcome it as I am sure my mother did. It is just part of the cycle of life.

The older I get the more I realized how content I am with my life – not the part about the bills, debts, and responsibilities, but the part about what matters most. I guess I am starting to look at the world in the way that mother does. Remember when we were kids and we promised we would never turn into our parents. So much for promises . . .

Sometimes I view my life as if I am a stranger looking in or as if I am reading a novel or watching a movie. In so many ways, I am not sure I truly believe what I am seeing. That is when I realize how content I am. I am not sure that there is anything more that I could have asked for. I have a solid marriage, wonderful children, a decent paying job, a home, and my kids are well-fed. My sisters tease when I say things like this; they tell me it’s the meds talking. Maybe I am just practical or maybe it is the lesson that chronic illness teaches us. For me, the sun is much brighter than it was two years ago and the colors are the world stand out more. I have changed and sometimes, I feel like I was someone else two years ago. Is it really that the world is brighter or do I just need new glasses? Whatever it is, it works for me.

How has chronic illness changed you?


4 thoughts on “Healthy? – I am working on it

  1. It's so nice to see you "content". That's a place many never achieve. I think my chronic illness(es) have made me appreciate the little things more…

  2. I am in a very similar season of motherhood and contentness that you are. Things just seem happier and brighter now that I've come to terms with my limitations and taken a good look around at just what I have that is still good. There is so much that is good in my life. This chronic illness isn't changing those things: awesome husband, well-adjusted kids, a job I love (motherhood! it rocks!) and my faith in God. I think that I've changed, too, in my heart. Chronic illness has shown me what it's like to need others and it's not what I thought it was: it's all the little things, the notes or texts from friends, someone bringing food you like to a potluck because you like it, etc.

  3. Love the happy sound Lana!! As a matter of coincidence I'm working on it to…I mean the "healthy" part! Things for me have been improving for past couple of weeks…and there has been a conscious effort from my side. My health and circumstances taught me how to cherish what I have (which is actually pretty much everything one needs to be happy)..the only thing I have been missing is health…hope that comes my way too!And ya..I am feeling totally upbeat after reading your post…so..Big thanks!!!!!

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