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We all need a random post once in awhile

It has been quite a few days since I last posted and it is mostly because I have had a really busy week. I sometimes post several times a week and sometimes only one or two per week. I think that my posts are going to go down to once or twice a week for the sake of my own sanity. Blogging takes up a lot of time as many of us know so I need to cut down.

Yes, my week has been very busy. On Monday evening, I had to get rid of that abscessed tooth. Because it had a root canal done in it, it was very long and traumatizing procedure. With you have joint and muscle pain, the last thing you want to get is spend a half hour getting a tooth pulled. If a tooth has had a root canal, it will split into pieces when it dentist attempts to pull it. Three days later, the area where the tooth was pulled still hurts. The good news is that is the last tooth in my mouth and my dentist says I do not need an implantation.

The boring story behind the loss of this tooth is that we could have prevented it. The problem was that I did not want to do dental work while I was seven months pregnant. It started as simple cavity and then, by the time the baby was born, the tooth needed a root canal. I was a new mother with a newborn at home and the last thing I wanted was to go into see the dentist. Plus, I was dealing with a nightmare RA flare-up, and I could barely take care of myself. That was also the time I received my RA and FM diagnoses. Needless to say, I was not able to see the dentist until April of last year which was about eight months since the tooth needed a filling. At that point I needed a root canal which the dentist was not sure would hold but he convinced me that I should make an effort to save the tooth. About a few weeks ago, however, I started getting migraines. Then there was the facial pain, neck pain, eye and ear pain, and fevers. The tooth pain was the last to come so I went in to see the dentist who told me the tooth was toast. He put me on antibiotics and ten days later, the tooth was pulled.

I lost a tooth because I refused to put my baby’s life in danger when I was seven months pregnant – anyone can see that I do not regret my decision. It was a tooth and it was not worth risking my baby’s health. That is life – we make choices and well, our kids come first. When it comes to our kids, it is always worth the risk to us. Like any mother, I would put my own health at risk before my child’s. So when my Indian dentist (my son calls him “Kumar” as in Kal Penn from Harold and Kumar) says, “no, no, you should not wait,” I can say “yes, I should and I will.”

I have also been working on my final paper for my family law course which is due next Tuesday. It is about creating parenting plans that meet the best interests of children pursuant to Ohio law. Yes, the topic is boring – I know. The legal field is boring and as am I. I have read about fifty custody cases in the process of doing this assignment, and I cried more than I have cried in my entire life. I am a crier – I can’t help. Divorce is messy business and I say that from experience. It is even more difficult when children are involved.

Then, there was Tuesday evening when I picked up my ten year old from daycare. He was having joint pain which eventually by bedtime escalated to all over pain. He spent the whole night moaning and I was scared to death. He could barely walk in the morning so I called off work and we went to see his doctor. He took ibuprofen in the morning so that lessened some of his pain. I was told it was “growing pains” but the doctor ordered blood work to rule out arthritis and other conditions. But, I was scared to death. I remember when I was growing up and my mom took me to doctors and they would tell her “growing pains;” she disagreed with them and she was right. So I cannot take any chances. This is something I have to be on top of.

Aside from the usual hectic nature of my life – motherhood, work, school, and advocacy – my moods are better. Perhaps, it was the tooth all along. I am less tired and I did not really use the pain meds that the doctor gave me for the tooth pain which means I am either nuts or I have a higher threshold of pain than the average Joe. (Anyone want to buy a Vicodin? – Nah, I am kidding – my pain meds aren’t for sale.) I will be catching up everyone’s blogs in the next couple of days so be patient.

I put the job search aside because it is really hard to do with my life being so crazy. It is really stressful and I know need to really be working part-time but perhaps, I can convince my current employers later on. Right now, I still have bills to pay and IRS knocking on my door (another story). We also got this new social media policy at work and basically, we were told to be careful what we say online. (Yes, I deleted a couple posts – to be safe and all).

We are going to see Shrek Forever After on Saturday evening. My ten year old is excited and he is taking his best friend. I am taking the toddler (as my date), who is picking up new words everyday, while the two best friends fight like a married couple. (Tell me how they can be best friends when they fight all the time and even say they hate each other. Is it a boy thing? Ten years – you think I would have figured boys out by now.) We will catch a late showing so that the toddler can fall asleep when he gets bored and he will be a hostage in stroller so he will sleep for sure (don’t call CPS – I am a good mother – really). This is the same kid whose favorite word is “MINE” and since he knows how to throw a tantrum – everything is his.

I have been thinking about vlogging so maybe you will see a vlog or two from me if I do not chicken out. I also started this whole new health thing at my house because I am trying to lose weight and get everyone healthy. Needless to say, my husband is not thrilled. My ten year old, however, is on board and the baby, well he is too content with life to care. It occurred to me to this morning that I am back on track too. My moods have improved and I feel happier than I have felt in a long time. It might be an epiphany but I feel good. And the RA and FM, I have good days and I have bad days but hopefully, this new health thing will help to me to have more good days. I will also be blogging less so any rumors of my demise will not be true because I eventually will resurface. I have recently become an NCIS fan and my DVR is loaded with episodes that I often stay up late to watch so that explains the lack of sleep and my blogging absence.

Anyway, until next time…

7 thoughts on “We all need a random post once in awhile

  1. Have fun at the movie with the kiddos. What a fun mama! I want to come. : ) My littlest is turning one year old this week. We are going to have a monkey party. Hope I can pull off a homemade monkey cake somehow. I am so happy to hear that you feel happier. Those are good days, sister. Healthier is good! I am a health freak. My kids totally hate it. I never hear the end of it. I tell them I love them and that's why I simply refuse to buy certain products–and basically–get over it. My eleven year old is at the age where he is embarrassed by everything. He's afraid that when he has his friends over I will offer them something healthy. I do make exceptions from time to time. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I'm sorry you lost that tooth, but I understand how it happened. What's important is that it's no longer causing you the pain and misery that it was. As for blogging: Yep, it's time-consuming. I'll miss your regular posts, but I really believe you need to take some time for Lana, too, and perhaps this will help you do that and not feel so pulled in all directions.Thinking of you, Lana, and sending warmth and calm your way as you allow yourself to slow down just a little. Enjoy the movie!-Wren

  3. Hey Lana -Sorry its been a while since I dropped by, but I am always pokin' in. I'm SO happpy you are feeling better. Keep it up. If it helps, you are a true inspiration to me and to others.- RA SB

  4. Thanks everyone. Kelli, My son is not yet embarassed of me. His father, yes- not yet for me though.Wren, Thank you so much for your kind words. They always help.RA SB and Shell- Thank you for visting and commenting. Dr. Heckle. We went to the show that started at 9:30 pm. In less than a half-hour, he was fast asleep in his stoller. Moms need to improvise when there no back-up.

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