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Money Makes The World Go Round

Have you ever heard that song by R. Kelly Feat. Nas & Kelly Price – Money Makes The World Go Round?
You know – – –

Yo, for those who live the way that I live
We came a long way
From wiping coal outta eyelids, to rap’s hottest
Fake Gazelles to black Pradas
Selling nicks to trey bags, to making hits like Kidada Jones’ father
OG’s would send me to the store with a dollar
Hit me with some wise advice for me to follow
Ain’t nothing free in the world in life
No matter who you are, everybody got they price
And some cost more than other’s
When you poor, it’s like life ain’t even worth living
But when you rich, it’s every fat ass worth hittin’
With no chips, your drawers just stay on your hips
I play with the six cuz money make the whole world spin
But without the Franklin faces, you see who’s your real friends
* * *
Money makes the world go round
Show me a man that don’t need money
Money makes the world go around
And I’ll show you a world
(Show me a world)
Standing still, oh
Money makes the world go round
Yes it does, talking ’bout the loot
Money makes the world go round

I was feeling really down already because of the migraine that took five days to get rid of and lingered around for the last couple of days. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The worst it, of course was the headache. From the worst imaginable pain, sensitivity to light and sound, hot flashes and chills, dizziness, utter confusion, and nausea and vomiting, I was not sure if there was a light at the end of the tunnel. By Wednesday, most of these symptoms had tapered off, but the “postdrome” period was just starting.

Come Wednesday, I was feeling like a zombie. Some people say that it is similar to a hangover but I have never drunk enough to have to a hangover to know that feeling. Some of this is due to the medications taken for the migraine and some due to the migraine itself. Postdromal symptoms are shown to be caused by abnormal blood flow and EEG readings for up to 24 hours after the headache stage. Postdromal symptoms include: lowered mood levels, especially depression or the reverse – feelings of well-being and euphoria (not me, I got the depression), fatigue, poor concentration and comprehension, and lowered intellect (maybe I should have taken a vacation for the rest of the week).

Unforetunatly, a migraine isn’t just about the headache and I did not even mention the pre-headache stage because the thought of that will give me yet another headache. The worst of it I think was the depression. I was finding myself near tears for no apparent reason and I just wanted to be left alone. I guess I should (if I could, that is) have taken the week off. Well come Friday- payday – and guess what, I got all depressed again.

Earlier in the month, my husband and I spent the little money we had in our savings account to fix his car and bring up to passing an emission test standard prior to the end of the month because it was time for its inspection. Anyway, my Subaru has been acting all funny and I thought I was having rear brake issues. Plus, there a check engine light issue that hasn’t gone despite other things we repaired for it in the past. Well the brake issues, turned out to be rear tire issues, suspension, alignment, and axle problems which will set us back about $800 that we really do not have money but we also don’t have a choice.

So fine, I am very proud of myself that put us back in a good financial position where we can make some adjustments for the month, pay the repairs, and still be okay. But here’s the kicker – the tire, suspension, alignment, and axle problems are the least of my worries. The Catalytic Converter needs to be replaced so as not to avoid any further damage, i.e. the engine and we will know the cost of such a repair. Of course, it has to be put off because we have no savings and that part got me all depressed – well I was already depressed, but you get the point. Now, I am feeling so down that I just want to find a place to hide and be left alone. I am the type of person who can take blow after blow and keep going, but days after a nightmare migraine, I don’t really have it in me to keep it all together.

It is does not help since money makes the world go around. It is humanity’s number one motivator. It is all the root of all evil, but, at the same token, it can make us pretty happy. People have lied, cheated and done evil for money, but most of us have obtained it the right away, by working hard for it. It is the one thing we cannot live without. Without it, we would not be able to pay bills, have a roof over our heads, eat, and have nice things.

So, I am in a depressed state of mind. Maybe I am angry, maybe I am sad, and maybe I just want to be left alone but I am sure I will eventually get through these last remnants of this nearly week long migraine. At least, there is one positive – most of the issues on my car will be taken care of it and it will be safer to drive and I will have time to think about the next step.

Right now, I am not pleasant company so everyone is best of keeping their distance. Especially if they know what is good for them. The crab is in the house.


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