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The Past

A dear friend of mine holds on to memoirs from her past, pictures and gifts from old boyfriends, a friendship bracelet from a friend she has not talked to in nearly twenty years, a vase from a wedding of another … Continue reading

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Chronic Illness Changes Us

It has been over two years since my diagnosis and more and more, people tell me that have changed. As a matter of a fact, a co-worker told me the other day that he noticed that I am “somewhat different.” … Continue reading

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Feeling Down: Someone Call Willie

Lately, I have been feeling down and I can’t put on my hand on why. I know that I am not depressed but I just find myself feeling sad for no apparent reason. For the first time in nearly two … Continue reading

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ZPCOPEN-OR Open It Universal Package Review and Giveaway

Clamshell packing is the worst invention of humanity and it definitely makes for an arthritis sufferer’s worst nightmare. If you do not have arthritis, think about your 85-year-old mother or grandmother and her trying to open that ridiculously difficult plastic … Continue reading

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Losing Sight of the Big Picture

I have spent too many days feeling sorry for myself and it is time I end it. For some reason, crap and bad news always happen together. Lately, I just feel weighed down by life and all my responsibilities that … Continue reading

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Money Makes The World Go Round

Have you ever heard that song by R. Kelly Feat. Nas & Kelly Price – Money Makes The World Go Round? You know – – – Yo, for those who live the way that I live We came a long … Continue reading

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Does asking for help make you feel like a burden to others?

When you are diagnosed with a chronic illness, you don’t really know what happens next, or when. You are not sure what course the disease takes, but at some point, you realize that the disease will limit you requiring you … Continue reading

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