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I am not allowed to blog for the next two weeks

Last night, I finished up my final paper in my master’s Jurisprudence and Legal History course which means I am free for the next two weeks until my new course starts. Therefore, at the request of my ten year old, I am required to blog less (and not about him, per his instructions), I am only allowed an hour in the evening at my computer, and I am too spend time with my children, enjoy the outdoors, and to enjoy my freedom. He even made me sign a contract. Kids today, but you know, he has the right idea. I spend so much time being busy that I forget what means to have fun.

As adults, I think we often lose sight of what it means to have fun or to just take a break from life. We spend so much time working hard and being adults that life manages to pass us by. Always trying to be responsible makes us forgot what we were doing in the first place. We have become a generation of workaholics without even realizing it. These days, it is all about getting a pay check and not necessarily enjoying what we do or taking the time to realize what the big picture is.

My life is busy and there is no question that I am constantly rushing through my life and constantly thinking about what I will do next, for how long, and what about after that, etc. My mind is constantly on and even when I am resting or driving, I am thinking about bills, responsibilities, my children, my marriage, my mother, my blog, my conditions – everything and anything. Granted, RA and FMS have slowed me down physically but it doesn’t mean my mind has slowed down (not that I would want it to – I like being smart).

Our society is constantly running and rushing. We have alarms, clocks, timetables, calendars, and deadlines. Our schedules are filled with appointments and activities that we could probably do without. When you go out for a walk, you notice how fast people are moving and rushing. For some reason, the need for speed is embedded in our society and slowing down isn’t an option. Our lives are like the fast forward button on our VCRs and now with the DVD in place, we can skip parts of our lives like making time to just rest and reflect.

My ten year old has the right idea. Leave it to a tween boy to tell me that I don’t know how to live my own life. For the next couple of weeks, I will try not to blog but rest assured, I will check in with a blog post or two. I don’t want to be in violation of my contract.


7 thoughts on “I am not allowed to blog for the next two weeks

  1. Good for you Lana! While I will miss reading your blogs…I completely understand. My daughter and I have been playing Monopoly and Life! LOL! Its really been fun. I had bought a jigsaw puzzle for us too but she isn't that interesting in that. When the weather is nice we like to get outside and play frisbee 🙂 Last night she played with my hair and gave me a ponytail with a hairbow lol! I hope these times will be remembered by her. We all need breaks from TV and computers sometimes. Take care and enjoy your time 🙂

  2. You'd better listen to your 10 year old. Sounds like he knows what he is talking about. Now that it is finally warmer, I too am going to be spending less time on the computer. Seems like we should be slowing down as we get older, not speeding up. Lana, take the time to enjoy life and your family, we understand.

  3. It sounds like your son has the perfect prescription for feeling better. Time snuggling, laughing and creating memories will do wonders for you. I will be smiling each time I think of you the next two weeks.

  4. I'll miss your daily posts, Lana, but your kids will sure enjoy the extra attention you'll be able to give them. And maybe this break will help you feel better and soothe your RA and fibro symptoms so you can get some good, solid rest.Best of luck during your break. Kids are so smart. ;o)-Wren

  5. This is my trick…I am an insomniac; I wake every night due to the pain. I keep the laptop right next to me, and that is when I write. I do it for usually 2 hours in the late late hours of the night, and my son and hubby never miss me. They only know I am harder to wake up in the morning than either of them. ;)But if you can sleep through the night, then more power to ya. Enjoy your time with your kdis, Lana. :)- RA SB

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